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JetBrains Resharper v4.5.1231

[ 2009-07-27 07:20:37 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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JetBrains Resharper v4.5.1231 | 29 MB

The must-have productivity tool for Visual Studio, JetBrains Resharper v4.5.1231 provides solution-wide error highlighting on the fly, advanced code completion, superior unit testing tools, over 30 advanced code refactorings, multiple handy navigation and search utilities, single-click code formatting and cleanup, automatic code generation and templates, and a lot more productivity features for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, XML, and XAML. ReSharper fully integrates with Visual Studio to intelligently and powerfully extend the functionality that is native to Visual Studio.

Key Features:

• Code Analysis for C#
ReSharper analyzes and highlights errors in C# code (up to C# 3.0) while you type, without having to compile it first. It also helps you solve problems instantly, by suggesting quick-fixes for most errors. You can analyze your code both in a current file and throughout the entire solution.

• Coding Assistance
To increase your productivity and save your time, ReSharper drastically extends and improves Visual Studio's native code completion; introduces color highlighting for fields, local variables, and types; transforms code using context actions; lets you move and duplicate blocks of code with ease; suggests required namespace import directives; auto-inserts brackets, parenthesis and quotes; promptly shows concise documentation for types, type members and method parameters as pop-up tips, and a lot more.

• Code Cleanup
Code Cleanup enables you to run a dozen of useful ReSharper features in one go — specifically, reformat your code according to custom style settings, arrange usages of 'this' qualifier, remove code redundancies, convert properties with backup fields to auto-properties, make fields read-only if possible, optimize using directives, shorten qualified references, update file header, replace explicit types with vars, and revamp your code with many more settings.

• Code Generation
ReSharper is smart enough to generate method stubs from usage, and feature-rich enough to provide special-purpose dialog boxes for creating constructors, read and write properties, and more. All these classy tools are readily accessible from a single pop-up window.

• Code Templates
You can use a rich set of predefined code templates as well as define your own templates to automatically create loops, arrays, variables, method declarations, and a variety of other code constructs. File templates, 'surround with' templates and live templates for C#, VB.NET and XML let you choose the most convenient way of inserting a ready piece of code in any situation. Editing and managing templates is now more convenient than ever!

• Navigation and Search
Whenever you need to find a certain type, field, method, or any other symbol, ReSharper provides you with a variety of ways to do it. You can find a symbol by name, navigate to a symbol declaration from its reference in code, or find and highlight symbol usages. ReSharper also allows you to thoroughly review type hierarchies and file structures, with its dedicated tool windows that are smartly integrated into Visual Studio user interface.

• Refactorings
ReSharper traditionally provides a much wider set of automated code refactorings than Visual Studio. In total, 34 different refactorings are available that allow you to rename, move, and safely delete symbols; introduce and inline fields, variables, or parameters; convert legacy constructs to state-of-the-art C# 3.0 code, and implement many more improvements.

• Unit Testing
ReSharper automatically detects whether your project contains NUnit tests. It allows you to run and profile unit tests right from the code editor, shows the structure of tests in your solution, and provides you with a dedicated window where you can analyze test results and re-run unit tests. Support for other test frameworks (MbUnit, xUnit, MSTest) is available via third-party plugins.

• Supported Languages and Technologies
ReSharper 4 Full Edition and C# Edition extend language support to C# 3.0, including LINQ, implicitly typed locals and arrays, extension methods, automatic properties, lambda expressions, object & collection initializers, anonymous types, expression trees, and partial methods. ReSharper not only analyzes the new constructs, but provides C# 3.0-related enhancements in a number of areas — specifically, warnings, suggestions, code completion options, refactorings, and templates.

ReSharper lets you apply most of its smart features to VB.NET code, including ASP.NET pages written in VB.NET. Among other facilities, ReSharper's syntax highlighting, coding assistance, code generation, navigation and search, parameter info, quick documentation lookup, and many more features are available to any VB.NET developer. All refactorings that were provided for C# 2.0 in ReSharper 3.x are now available for Visual Basic 8. The greatest benefit is to be experienced by .NET developers working on mixed C# and VB.NET projects.

ReSharper 4 significantly speeds up analysis of ASP.NET pages, to enable more web developers benefit from the great toolset that ReSharper provides. Take advantage of context actions, quick-fixes, coding assistance, navigation, refactorings, and other features. For embedded C# code, error highlighting is available as well. With ReSharper, you can easily edit and refactor C# code within ASP.NET, as well as web control properties and events, data sources and content placeholders.

ReSharper supports all XML files that Visual Studio considers XML, including .xml, .config, and .resx. Coding assistance, navigation between matching tags, live templates and 'surround with' templates, code completion, quick-fixes, and more are all at your disposal.

In addition to offering all the features that are available for pure XML, ReSharper perfectly validates XAML semantics, including references between XAML entities, helping prevent intractable run-time errors.

• NAnt and MS Build Scripts
Advanced editing capabilities, previously available only for C#, are now extended to NAnt and MSBuild scripts — error highlighting, quick-fixes, code completion, navigation and search, applicable refactorings and file structure view will make your scripting experience easier.


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