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Genuine Fractals 6.0.2

[ 2009-08-25 17:30:05 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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Genuine Fractals 6.0.2 NEW | 205MB

Image resizing is one of those topics that generates controversy.Not on the Canon versus Nikon level perhaps, but it seems that almost everyone has a strong opinion on how it should be done.Well, I'm one of those people with an opinion, but I'm also fickle enough to change my mind when something better comes along.

If you're only resizing images about 200% or so, Adobe Photoshop's own algorithms work just fine.
Simply choose Image > Image Size and enter your new dimensions.
Bicubic is a good overall choice, while Bicubic Smoother is good for enlarging and Bicubic Sharper for reducing image size.
If you're going larger, it's time to consider a plug-in, and you have a wealth of choices available to you.
To be honest, they all do a good job, but when it comes to our images, good is seldom good enough we want the best and nothing less.

Over the years, I've used Fred Miranda's Resize actions, Photozoom Pro, Blow-up, and Genuine Fractals.
I always shied away from the early versions of Genuine Fractals though because I didn't want to deal with a proprietary file format and the hassles that involved.
Newer versions though have eliminated the need to save as a .
STN file. Sure, it greatly reduces the size of the scaled image, but it's one more step in my workflow, and I have enough of those.
Besides, it wasn't particularly fast at saving files, and I get impatient. When Genuine Fractals 5 came around, I changed my mind about the usefulness of this program.
I still preferred the results from Alien Skin's Blow-up, but Genuine Fractals was greatly improved, and now a viable option if I was looking for a new program.

Homepage (http://anonymz.com/?http://genuine-fractals.en.softonic.com/)


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