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Rocket Spanish Interactive Language Package

[ 2009-07-28 17:40:57 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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Mauricio Evlampieff, "Rocket Spanish Interactive Language Package"
Publisher: Rocket Languages Ltd. | PDF, MP3, games | 1 GB

Want a complete Spanish learning kit that really immerses you in the learning? - If you really want to learn Spanish fast, then Rocket Spanish is for you. Rocket Spanish is primarily an MP3 audio course, with plenty of written material, and multimedia software in the form of 2 games. It is, in fact, a complete Spanish learning kit, and so can be considered as a Spanish ‘Immersion Course'.

Rocket Spanish teaches you ‘interactively’, in that the teacher will present some words or dialogue, along with it’s meaning, and then ask you to say something, or ask you questions about what was said. It is very similar to the famous Pimsleur Courses, which makes the learning almost effortless. What’s more, this technique of teaching makes it very easy to remember what you have learned - without endless repetition. The advantages that this course has over the Pimsleur course, is that you get Spanish that is more relevant to the way in which Latin American Spanish is really spoken today, plus you also get the games software and written material to round out your training.

Here is what you will get with the Rocket Spanish Course - Level I:

* Interactive Audio Course –This MP3 format course is a series of 31 audio tracks. The audio tracks lasting from 20-25 minutes will give you a head start to speaking Spanish by reading out loud words and phrases after Mauricio Evalampieff, the creator of Rocket Spanish.

* Four e-books Including…
Conversation Course – Consists of up to 1,000 audio tracks that allow you to hear the Spanish while reading it. You may just click on any word or phrase from the e-book and listen to it being read out loud. Even while you are on the move, these audio tracks with the many useful words and phrases allow you to learn the commonly used Spanish words and phrases fast.

Beginners Book - This book is tailored for beginners and will help you learn the basic grammar skills. One good example is that it will help you understand masculine and feminine nouns, verb conjugations, and detailed explanation on the Spanish language.

Advanced Book – This book compliments the Beginners Book, explaining the past and future tenses. It also covers on the difference between some tricky prepositions.

Beginners Vocabulary Supplement – This supplement has a list of vocabulary words grouped into themes. It has an amazing collection of 10 stories written in Spanish that will help you with your vocabulary and reading comprehension all at the same time.

* MegaVocab and MegaAudio games – You can install these games into your computer allowing you to practice vocabulary from the beginner and advanced grammar books. You can also learn to recognize both written and spoken Spanish words, besides, you will also have fun trying to beat your own score playing the game.

* Bonus Audio Lessons – These lessons on certain vocabulary words and phrases in audio format were created on users request. These topics are wide and cover anything from colors to numbers. They will help you to improve quickly with difficult words and phrases.

The 28 tracks in Rocket Spanish Level II Interactive Audio Course are an average of 40 minutes in length - that's over 18 hours of audio lessons that you can listen to time and time again. They cover everything that you need to know to live, study, and/or work in a Spanish-speaking country or place, from getting a job to doing your banking... from hanging out with Latin friends to understanding their history and culture... and a whole lot more in between. With Rocket Spanish Level II, you'll be more than just a tourist: you'll actually be able to fit into Latin culture. Not only do you get the 28 audio tracks, you also get the transcripts of the conversations so that you can use the scripts to keep up with the lessons.



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