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FlashGot v1.1.8.5

[ 2009-07-29 00:25:34 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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FlashGot v1.1.8.5 | 299 KB

Fixed very silly bug preventing cookies to be passed to certain download managers (e.g. ReGet) Removed most of the multithreaded code to make code review and debugging easier for 3rd parties developers. + Metalink support (for GetRight >= 5.2d), thanks to Ant Bryan and Darius Liktorius + Optional HTTP Basic/Digest authentication support (Options|Privacy|HTTP Authentication, default off) + GigaGet support + Always prompt for directory on multiple downloads with non-gui external download managers (e.g. cURL); it can be changed toggling the flashgot.multiQuiet preference in about:config x Fixed Alt+Shift+Click regression x Fixed post data always sent (even if empty) to custom download managers

Main Functions:
FlashGot's main commands are:
1. FlashGot Link (contextual menu or Ctrl-F1 or Alt+Click on a link) - downloads through the default download manager the link under the mouse pointer.
2. FlashGot Selection (menu or Ctrl-F2 or Alt+Click with an active selection) - catches links in hilighted text/images, attempting also pure text to anchors conversion, performing some "smart" replacement like turning "hxxp://" into "http://".
Many download forums list links to password-protected archives (usually RAR or ZIP), followed by an indication of the password to open them. If you select the links and the password by dragging the text selection with your mouse, and then you use the FlashGot Selection command, the password will be passed to the download manager inside the description of the links, so you can easily retrieve it when the download is completed with no need to annotate it manually.
3. FlashGot All (menu or Ctrl-F3) - grabs all the links found in the current page and dispatches them to the default download manager, which could offer an easy interface* to filter and select the file that will be downloaded in a batch.
* built-in filter dialog is provided by every Windows download manager except GetRight. On Linux, your best option is Downloader 4 X 2.5.4 or above. An emulated FlashGot filter dialog will be included in 0.6 release, being needed for GetRight, Linux and Mac OS X users.
4. FlashGot Tabs (menu or Ctrl-F6) - performs a "FlashGot All" on every tab open in the current window. Notice that this command is hidden by default from the context menu: you can show it using the Menu options.



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