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[English Study] - Improve Your American English Accent (ebook + audio)

[ 2009-07-26 13:00:21 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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Improve Your American English Accent offers language learners an easy and enjoyable way to master the most challenging American English speech characteristics. Focusing exclusively on the core features that have the greatest impact on understanding American English speakers and being understood by them, it comprises six 35-minute lessons on three CDs, and a booklet containing written pronunciation guidelines and transcriptions of the sounds, words, and sentences introduced on the recording.

Each lesson is short enough to be completed at one sitting and is presented in a friendly and lively manner that the learner will find engaging.

About the Author
Charlsie Childs is a specialist in foreign accent reduction with many years of teaching experience.


As an ESL teacher, I have found this to be the most affordable and effective program I have ever used with my university students and with private students as well. I do find that there are not enough practices as the booklet accompanying the CDs is just a narrow volume but the practice sections, though limited in quantity, are of excellent quality. I have found that I can supplement the practice sections with other texts. The narrator has a friendly quality to her voice and I have been repeatedly listening to the CDs with numerous students yet I am still not tired of hearing her voice.

Audio CDs and Ebook:

DOWNLOAD:all book + Audio


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http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=19a7024fe4c138e54012e8015643d9c86d66effe 80c80384

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