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[Vbulletin] - Imageshack & MEGAUPLOAD Uploader

[ 2009-04-28 20:47:47 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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Hack Support

I will not be providing any support at all to people who have not clicked Mark as Installed.

I will provide free support and respond to feature requests for this hack in this thread only.

Free support for this hack is in its unaltered form, and does not include supporting alterations to this hack, custom code, custom template edits and integration with other third-party hacks.

Please do NOT PM me for support/feature requests unless I have specifically asked you to do so, or you are requesting paid support/features/alterations for this hack, as I will more than likely ignore and delete the PM without a response.

NOTE 1: You can not change the language/text in either the Imageshack or MEGAUPLOAD boxes as they are actually being hosted on their respective websites, and this hack can in NO way control that, so please do not ask.

NOTE 2: I only provide an easy way of integrating MEGAUPLOAD and Imageshack into your sites, and I am only providing support for the vBulletin integration.

If you need support, information (how they work, FAQ etc) in regards either of the embedded upload boxes, then you are best of checking out their respective websites, as I will not help you out there (you need to do the research yourself) - MEGAUPLOAD, Imageshack

vBulletin Version Compatibility

This hack has only been tested with v3.8.x. This has not been tested with other versions of vBulletin, but may work. As such, I will only support this hack if you have vBulletin v3.8.x installed, and not earlier versions. For a version that works with v3.7.x and v3.6.x check here instead.

What Does This Hack Do?

This is an update of my v3.7.x hack available here, with the added bonus of being able to use this with private messages and enabling dialog box locations per usergroup via usergroup permissions (no longer centrally, so allowing extra flexability).

This is a hack that adds the ability to upload image images to the Imageshack service and upload files to the MEGAUPLOAD service and be given a url to post in your posts to show your now uploaded file(s), it is available (if enabled) when creating a new thread, new post, editing a post, quick editing a post, quick replying to a post, creating a new private message, quick replying to a private message.

Both Imageshack and MEGAUPLOAD dialog box locations are controlled independently via usergroup permissions.

You can control the size and color of both the Imageshack (fully customisable) and MEGAUPLOAD (3 sizes and 6 colors) boxes centrally from the AdminCP.

You do NOT need a premium account to upload using either Imageshack or MEGAUPLOAD.

NOTE 3: This hack works in total harmony with the latest version of Dannyloski's Photobucket Image Upload hack (which is based on this hack), so you can use Imageshack, MEGAUPLOAD and Photobucket all at the same time (if you choose to).

AdminCP settings for this hack available in vBulletin Options -> Imageshack & MEGAUPLOAD Upload.
Settings that can be changed are:

1. Usergroup permissions - which groups will see the Imageshack/MEGAUPLOAD Upload dialog boxes (now via usergroup permissions as of v3.8.002)
2. Choose which locations the Imageshack Image Upload box are displayed (now via usergroup permissions as of v3.8.002)
3. Imageshack iFrame properties - size of the upload input field. The width, height and color (this setting will work instantly once the Imageshack developers fix this) of the iframe
4. Choose which locations the MEGAUPLOAD Uploader box are displayed (now via usergroup permissions as of v3.8.002)
5. MEGAUPLOAD Embedded box properties - size and color of the embedded MEGAUPLOAD box

Note: If you have highly customised templates or styles and the imageshack/MEGAUPLOAD dialog box does not display after usergroup permissions are set, then you may need to manually add the contents of the imageshack template to the templates where you want the dialog box to appear.

Installation Instructions

1. Unzip ms_imageshack_upload_v3.8.002.zip
2. Upload bitfield_ms_imageshack_upload.xml to your /includes/xml folder.
3. Import ms_imageshack_upload.xml into vB using the AdminCP Product Manager. If upgrading then set Allow Overwrite to Yes.
4. In the Admin CP, select vBulletin Options -> Imageshack & MEGAUPLOAD Uploader, and change the size and colour settings for the imageshack and MEGAUPLOAD dialog boxes.
5. In Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager, change the usergroup permissions for each usergroup individually to enable display locations (disabled by default)
6. Enjoy the new addition to your posting arsenal !!!

Shown in this order:

* Imageshack and MEGAUPLOAD (in Quick Reply)
* Imageshack and MEGAUPLOAD (in Quick Edit)
* Imageshack and MEGAUPLOAD (in Additional Posting Options)
* Imageshack only (in Additional Posting Options)
* Imageshack and MEGAUPLOAD (in Private Message Quick Reply)
* MEGAUPLOAD only (in Additional Posting Options)
* Imageshack and MEGAUPLOAD (in Private Message Additional Posting Options)
* AdminCP options
* AdminCP usergroup permissions

Version History

v3.8.002 - Wednesday 19th November 2008
-- Changed: Streamlined all plugins (i.e. less code)
-- Changed: Usergroup permissions in all plugins
-- Changed: Screenshots
-- Removed: 1 plugin (no longer needed)
-- Removed: 16 AdminCP Options (no longer needed, now set via usergroup permissions)
-- Added: 15 Phrases
-- Added: 1 bitfield file

v3.8.001 - Friday 14th November 2008
-- Initial v3.8.x Release


Thanks go out to Paul M who gave me permission to use some of his install code.

Show Your Appreciation

Although not required, if you have enjoyed the benefits of this hack, and would like show your appreciation for my efforts, then please feel free to click on the Support Developer link and donate any amount you feel is appropriate.

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