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Esperient Creator Enterprise v3.7.0.2155

[ 2009-08-08 20:32:35 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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Esperient Creator Enterprise v3.7.0.2155 | 186 MB

Esperient Creator is an extremely powerful program for creating real time, interactive, 3D scenes and 3D games, and is a true 'What You See Is What You Get' (WYSIWYG) editor. Until now Esperient Creator has been one of the interactive media and 3D industries best kept secrets, something which is now changing. In case you didn't already know.

People who use Esperient Creator include:
- Architects
- Animators
- Broadcasters
- Educators
- Game designers/developers
- Graphic Designers
- Instructional Designers
- Interaction Designers
- Interior Designers
- Multimedia Designers
- Students
- Training Specialists
- Web Developers

Companies that rely on Esperient Creator include:
- Advertising agencies
- Broadcasters
- Educational institutes (Schools, colleges and Universtities)
- Exhibit design houses
- Fortune 1000 manufacturing companies,
- Individual media designers
- Industrial Design Houses
- Medical research labs and companies
- Web development agencie

Esperient Creator is used in over 20 Universities (and growing quickly) for teaching interactive media, games, simulation, augmented reality and engineering visualisation. In 2007 tens of millions people watched visual effects and interactive technical animations created in Esperient Creator -without even knowing it. In 2008 we expect that number to increase hugely as Creator is further adopted by media and broadcast companies world wide.

Designed to enable you to create stunning engaging 3D enabled media experiences. Discover why Fortune 1000 companies and leading media design houses are choosing Esperiant Creator to meet their innovative media needs.

User Interface
Esperient Creator has a fully integrated development environment enabling all aspects of your project to be created and modified inside a single application. We designed Creator to increase productivity, while decreasing development time.

File imports options
Leverage your existing investments and tools, Esperient Creator imports from leading Digital Content Creation (DCC) tools including Autodesk Max, Maya, Adobe 3D and over other 50 leading 3D file formats and over 30 2D file formats.

3D Modelling tools
In addition to being able to import existing 2D and 3D content, Esperient Creator comes with a complete toolset including over 60 inbuilt procedural modeling primitives to create your own content for your applications. This means you can create next generation applications without requiring any other 3D software (or via import leverage and extend those you have already invested in.)

Esperient Creator supports a large number of easy to use interactive animation techniques including object transforms (move, rotate, scale), color change, real time physics, skinning and bones for characters and object controls (keyboard/ joystick). These can be easily applied, intermixed and give the basis of building immersive responsive environments and interactive objects which are the heart of engaging media experiences

Effective use of materials, lighting and shadows are the key elements to the visual quality of interactive 3D user experiences. Esperient Creator is equipped with dynamic lights and shadows, procedural textures, mult-stage materials and advanced shaders giving you everything you need to create visually stunning scenes.

When you need to go further than just using the in built animation behaviours Esperient Creator supports you with an easy to use professional scripting development environment. Complete with color coding, command syntax completion, syntax hints, integrated help. Extremely easy to use application programming interface with over 300 API commands with extensive documentation and examples.

You put your heart and soul into creating it - so how hard is it to publish and distribute?

Publishing your scenes is easy with Esperient Creator. An easy to use publish dialogue enables you to publish your content and applications to standalone desktop executables and web deployable files. A free run time viewer enables anyone to see your content. You can even display your content on clusters and networked machines to support massive surface area displays such as power walls and large area projections for events,show cases and awesome party pieces.

System Requirements:
- Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows Vista
- 1 GHz processor or higher.
- Microsoft DirectX, version 9.0c or greater


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