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Winstyle Seven Moonlight 2009 RTM For XP SP3

[ 2009-08-08 01:38:50 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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Winstyle Seven Moonlight 2009 RTM For XP SP3 | 105 Mb

Windows XP has a very strong among most PC users. After the release of Vista, many flatly refused to go to her just because she was much more beautiful and stylish XP, but also increased the plank to the system resources. But what do the people who chose to behave Windows XP, but want to diversify their system.
Here are the best graphic design package for Windows XP Professional SP3 today. Winstyle 2009 RTM - very long and large project in the history of Windows XP. Do not be confused, this is not transformpak, which damages roots and contaminate your system. The program works on the principle propatchivaniya resources, replacing the old to new. Now you do not have to reinstall the system collapsed, as it was before.

Instructions on installation and purpose of each component is located inside the archive file "Readme".

List of major changes:]

- Adapted and optimized integration of the script addon WinStyle in the distribution. Now the addon propatchivaet ALL files directly directly in the distribution, ie all patchery are fulfilled on the T-13 and on first entering the system, carried over into the distribution. At the T-13 propatchivaetsya only bootscreen and archive 7z. Now the script will automatically detect the required addon for patchaniya. Supported Addons IE6, IE7, IE8. WMP9, WMP11. The script also keeps logs of integration in the addon directory.
- To add a newly created special monitoring, which was written from scratch in C. Have been removed all scripts Autoit. Briefly: Monitoring determines the logo and graphics processor, also adds information on the graphics card in the system applet, avtozalivku pictures from the desktop to logonUI, manually fill in the picture logonUI of kontektsnogo menu (ie oboin in office. One table, and picture greetings to the other. Avtozalivku XP logo in front of the screen welcome, you can choose up to 4 versions of the logo. Change the caption on a greeting (eg "Welcome" to "Hello Medved!" Welcome sign can be easily changed via the "Run (Run)". Avtogeneratsiya file Oeminfo.ini now monitoring determines upgrade file for Oeminfo.cmd removed unnecessary. Ability to add more information in the System applet. Monitoring supports a variety of keys. For more information about all the possibilities and monitoring keys, you can read them in a special FAQ on the monitor WinStyle.
- Remove all "blue" screens appear when you install Windows, you change the user, etc.
- Automatic Updates Applets, Sounds and Audio Devices, Gaming devices, keyboard, mouse, voice, System Options, System, Power supply - have been refined, re-made all the images inside the applet, the applet is optimized and significantly reduced weight. Fixed typographical errors, corrected within the framework of dialogues. Out of the blue side applet removed the picture.
- The applet system - a serious dialogue rewritten core, "General", now it displays information about the video card, the name, logo, and the volume of memory. Improved and enlarged pictures of logos of manufacturers of processors and graphics, new logos. Added the ability to change the main image on their (oeminfo.bmp - supports image transparency), added enhanced input their data (eg company, by the assembly, etc.), refined the definition of the type of system, change the word "code activation" to "ID product .
- - Date and time - - removed a green dial, the clock changed from green to blue, the color of the interface addon. Diminished image, restored the function of time shift.
- Folder - revamped and improved design of the dialog, change the image on the dialogues.
- Phone and Modem - revamped design dialogues, dialogues added to the picture.
- Add or Remove Programs - redesigned applet, button icons moved up the dialogue. Himself buttons given a new look. Changed interface of dialogue with the classical theme.
- Screen - refined all applet dialog, added new pictures.
- For a dialogue with the image of the batteries, made by the new pictures.
- Changed display indicator Task Manager from the green to blue, the color of the interface addon.
- Added new sets of cards, a set of 4 normal and 2 sets of large playing cards (for playing neckerchief). A handy applet in Control Panel "Customizing Games Microsoft" to change the maps. All maps russifitsirovanny.
- Safely Remove Hardware - finalized the dialogue, change and improve the picture.
- Master IEXPRESS - pereraboty all wizard dialogs, a new design, new pictures.
- Welcome screen - removed extra button on the screen. On the other possibilities of the Welcome screen, see below In fact monitoring.
- Synchronization Manager - reworked the design of dialogue, added a new animation in the style of "glass".
- Dialogue of the completion of the work - restored the "sleep mode" when you press the button shift.
- A new dialogue when a new IP address for the Internet.
- Fixed incorrect display of WIN buttons on-screen keyboard.
- Changed all the dialogs to connect to the internet. Reduced, and improved image. Significantly optimized dialogues.
- Fixed incorrect display of the dialogue mixer. Changed design of the mixer. Changed the design volume.
- Changed the Windows logo in the dialog "About".
- A new design for dialogs "Automatic Updates".
- Changed a lot of pictures which were shown green daddy of Vista on the blue folder of the Seven.
revamped and improved more than 150 active dialogues among them - Run the program, there is no label, Run as another user error when working with the label, the selection of the file name, delete a file confirmation, confirmation delete a folder, delete a group of files Confirmation, Reaffirmation of the replacement file Confirmation of the replacement of a folder, a confirmation of the movement of files, folders Confirmation movement, confirmation rename the file, rename a folder, Confirmation, Reaffirmation irrevocable delete a folder, irrevocable Confirm delete a file, a confirmation of the loss of flow, insert the disk, Confirm delete a shortcut, Encryption, Delete files for recording, encrypted files, encrypted folder, the program is not found, the Confirm Attribute Changes, Edit Attribute, the program, Windows, Warning, Confirmation of transactions, formatting, etc. (List incomplete because it is impossible to list all)
- Improved image dialogs cart "Properties."
- Reworked master records, a new design, new pictures, made a new animation in the style of "glass".
- Optimized dialogue on "Tools."
- Optimized dialogs "Disk Cleanup".
- Fixed a picture in the dialog box warning "The shortage of disk space."
- Reworked the dialogue "Check Disk".
- Improved and optimized dialogues "Elements of the desktop."
- Reworked the dialogue "The new element of the desktop."
- Seriously reworked and refined many icons addon. Many new images are taken from Windows Seven. For example a calculator, control panel, wordpad, and others. Remove all the green folder icons, which do not correspond to the blue interface addon, and replaced by the icons of Windows Seven. If possible, removed the green icons from Vista, and instead added the blue icons from Seven. Many icons have been removed unnecessary 24 format.
- Fixed a plain standard icons for files with the extension * cpl, now every file * cpl has its own unique icon.
- Slightly adapted screen Setup Billboard.
- Reduce Image dialogue occurring when a new visual theme.
- For files related to different addon (ie, wmp), were replaced with the old icons with new ones. taken from Seven.
- Changed active dialogue "copy, delete, etc." moved up the line "Time." Added the inscription "Evaluation ..." when calculating the remaining time. Changed the word "Where" to "Action".
- Many dialogs have been improved for ease of reference.
- Fixed a lot of "jambs" Microsoft.
- In dispecher devices are made more precise icons display device.
- Added new files to patchaniya.

OS: Windows XP
Russian language: yes
Size: 105 Mb
:::::::Change Language for XP:::::::
if this version not is english ,
you can change to English or your language :

How to change Language to English
1.click start
2.click control panel
3.click region and language options (globe shaped icon)

if in classic view
click date, time,region and language options (globe shaped icon)
click region and language options (globe shaped icon)
change both address bars to english
click ok
failing that you might be able to download the english language files from microsoft

PS it is usual procedure in untouched XP

google more about Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Pack installation. (muisetup.exe)

More info:


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