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AM-Notebook 5.1.1 Final

[ 2009-08-08 05:48:47 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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AM-Notebook 5.1.1 Final | 3.2 MB

AM-Notebook is a fine system tray application that will provide an easy way to keep notes, TODOs and other data.
AM-Notebook is a multi-featured tabbed note-taking program that provides an easy and reliable way to save notes and formula supported spreadsheets in a light weight tray icon tool.
Lots of text formatting features allows you to create clear and well designed notes which can be stored at different locations and also be shared in a network. Other nice features are the integrated alarm clock and address book.

Here are some key features of "AM-Notebook Pro":[/b
· Tab support
· Organize notes in folders
· Different note locations / Network support
· Reopen last tabs
· Save (Reopen) tabs as group
· Send by mail
· Removable Drive / USB-Stick Support
· Full formatting (Fonts, Paragraphs, Colors, etc.)
· Embedded tables
· Spell Check
· Bookmarks within notes
· Apply predefined styles
· Clips / Templates
· Encrypt notes
· Paste clipboard as new note
· Sort selection ascending/descending
· Global Search
· References between notes
· Print notes
· Export notes to RTF / HTML
· Format Cells
· Calculate column/row sums
· Calculate advanced expressions (eg: SUM(A3:B4)+B7)
· Print spreadsheets
· Export spreadsheets to HTML

Additional Tools:
· Alarm Feature
· Address Book
· Define external tools within AM-Notebook
· Backup/Restore
What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· Some problems when exporting notes/spreadsheets fixed
· Smaller tweaks and fixes

Homepage (http://anonymz.com/?http://www.aignes.com/)

Download Uploading.com (Only these country please: US, DE, ES, UK, FR, RU, UA, IT, CA, NL, AT, CZ, GR, PL)
Click Here (http://uploading.com/files/FVFW60OL/notesetup_www.softarchive.net.zip.html)

Download Rapidshare.com (Other countries)
[B]Click Here (http://rapidshare.com/files/231332418/notesetup_www.softarchive.net.zip)

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