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Handy Backup Server v6.2.4.2656 Multilingual

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Handy Backup Server v6.2.4.2656 Multilingual
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Handy Backup™ is an easy-to-use yet powerful backup software for an automatic backup of your critical data. With Handy Backup you can simply backup to DVD±R/RW, CD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, remote FTP server, Local Area Network, external Firewire or USB hard/flash drives. New! Now the program provides a feature that allows backing up data stored on MS Exchange servers and including a lot of important job related information to be protected with high priority. You can use Handy Backup to make a reserve copy of any valuable data on your system. Special addons are provided to facilitate the backup of Microsoft Outlook files, system registry and ICQ files. The program can be also used to synchronize folders and files between two computers on a network. Handy Backup is designed for MS Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. Strong file encryption and multi-choice zip compression on the fly, as well as many other useful features, will protect your valuable data. All backup activities are recorded in a log file. Detailed online help is available.

- HDD image backup
- Backup of files, folders, emails, programs & program settings, Widows Registry, Website
- Find all office documents Word, Excel, etc. using file filtering
- Exclude temporal, system and other files, using file filtering
- Backup to various storage devices, include DVD,
- HD DVD, Blu-Ray
- Enhanced CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD DVD engine
- Integrated Remote Backup Service
- Selective restoration
- Restore to any location
- Run as Windows service
- Managing open files
- Email notifications
- Backup with timestamps
- Other program to run before/after running the tasks
- Run the tasks on log on/log off
- Verify backups to optical disks
- Repeated backup of missed tasks
- Turn off computer after backup
- One- and Two-direction Synchronization
- Multi-threaded transfer engine
- Import/Export of all settings
- Backup activities in a log file

Handy Backup Server - complete client-server backup solution for Windows server-based corporate networks. Performs files-based and drive image backup of remote computers and the server. Centralized management of workstation backup delivers the most reliable protection of all business data. This server backup software transfers data from network computers and stores it on the designated storage devices. Network backup tasks require no user assistance on client workstations. Handy Backup Server supports a number of advanced backup features: Database backup of the server, MS Exchange backup of the server and network computers.

Handy Backup Server is a powerful network backup solution for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. Centralized workstation backup and an ability of fast system recovery make it one of the best utilities for backup and recovery of the entire office network or a local server. Handy Backup Server is a professional utility for small business server backup. It allows backing up corporate data stored on both server and employees’ computers.

- Centralized remote administration. All workstation backup tasks are managed by a central server and require no user intervention;
- Automatic backup. Performs automatic backup, restoration and synchronization of multiple servers and workstations;
- Database backup. Backing up of all ODBC databases on the central server, can backup MS Exchange, MS SQL and Lotus Notes on both server and workstations;
- Hard disk backup. Supports creation of server image backup and image backup of workstations;
- Backup storage media. Backup to CD/DVD, USB and FireWire drives, network backup to FTP, SFTP, LAN, online backup, etc;
- Convenience of network backup. Workstation backup requires minimal system resources and runs without slowing remote computers.

- Centralized backup of all corporate data, operated from a single server and invisible for users on remote workstations (running as a Windows service).
- Full and incremental backup of workstations and the central server.
- Enhanced server backup: backing up of ODBC databases (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, FoxPro, MS Access, etc.).
- Advanced plug-ins that allow saving MS Exchange Server, MS SQL and Lotus Notes/Domino data during remote workstation backup and local server backup.
- Minimal consumption of system resources, allowing to perform workstation backup tasks in working hours.
- Image backup of server and workstations (backing up of the entire hard drive including all primary, logical and extended partitions, system and boot records).
- Backing up of Microsoft® Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint files, etc. (using file filtering).
- Excluding temporal, system and other files from backup (using file filtering).
- Bi-directional synchronization of network computers
- Scheduling backup tasks for one or several workstations, at certain times or events
- Backup of missed tasks
- Launching other applications on Handy Backup Server machine before or after backup tasks
- Backup verification after burning to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD DVD
- Backup images spanning when burning to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD DVD
- E-mail notification after backing up of remote workstations
- A single click on the administrator’s computer to restore any remote workstation’s files and folders
- Easy restoration of the entire hard disk, any separate partition, or a set of partitions of any workstation or the central server


http://rapidshare.com/files/228156286/_www.YoDownload.NET__Handy.Backup.Server.v6.2.4.26 56.rar.html

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