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Vizioncore VRanger Pro

[ 2009-07-28 17:40:57 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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Vizioncore VRanger Pro
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Vizioncore's vRanger Pro is the leading, industry-standard backup and recovery solution for virtualized environments on the market today. vRanger Pro provides image-level hot backups—of either the entire virtual machine or just the differential—quickly and easily. Supporting VMware ESX and ESXi servers, vRanger Pro offers full VMware Virtual Center integration, is VMotion aware, and integrates with VCB. A VSS driver supports transactionally consistent backups and VSS support is included for VCB backups as well. A P2V-DR plug in allows you to extend the benefits of virtualized backup and restore capabilities to your physical servers.

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Ease of Use
vRanger Pro utilizes a centralized GUI, VirtualCenter integration and easily engaged configuration options that allows any level administrator to go from download to backups in minutes.

Differential Backups
A differential engine backs up only the changes made since the last full backup image, reducing the size of the backup files on disk. Differential characteristics and retention policies can easily be configured to suit customer needs. vRanger Pro supports differential backups via the VCB Framework.

vRanger Pro includes a VSS driver that utilizes Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service to pause application writes. vRanger Pro now provides VSS quiescing for VCB backups. This feature will enable quiescing of supported databases to provide a "transactionally consistent" backup image that can be used to recover the application as well as the image.

P2V Disaster Recovery
A backup job can be configured for a physical server in just a few clicks with no disruption to the source machine. This agent-less, reboot-free process provides the ultimate flexibility in configuring environments while maintaining the low RTO of image-level backups.

VCB Integration
vRanger Pro's simplified, script free integration with VCB enables customers to easily offload backups to the VCB proxy. Because of this feature, backups are no longer restricted to an overnight backup window.

vCenter Server Integration
Integration with VMware vCenter Server allows vRanger Pro to quickly and accurately enumerate virtualized environments and track VMotion activity. Because vRanger Pro is VMotion aware, it can follow virtual machines after they have moved to perform regularly scheduled backups.


http://hotfile.com/dl/2417648/81d819a/Vizioncore.VRanger.Pro.v3.2.9.7_wvw.downarchive.co m.rar.html

http://uploading.com/files/CN9G5AJE/Vizioncore.VRanger.Pro.v3.2.9.7_wvw.downarchive.co m.rar.html

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