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Code eFront Learning 2.0

[ 2009-07-27 07:20:37 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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Home: http://www.efrontlearning.net/

The flexible eLearning 2.0 system capable of fullfiling almost all of your learning needs.

*Full support for managing users. Custom user roles can be created depending on your needs.
*Organize lessons at multiple conceptual levels called categories. Bundle several lessons inside a course.
*Flexible visual content editor and internal support for pictures, sound, video, flash or java.
*Upload, organise, use and share files with any other system user.
*Create tests by assembling questions from a question pool. Several types of questions can be created, used and re-used.
*SCORM compatible and certified platform. SCORM content can be imported or exported from the system.
*Assign projects with deadlines to end-users and track their progress.
*Create, share and analyze responses from people inside or outside your organization.
*Do you like high-level reports or you prefer a more detailed specific user or lesson info. Everything is included!.
*Restrict or guide the users through the content.
*Several visual indications guide the user through the lesson and his current progress.
*Out-of-the-box eFront includes support for forum, chat, calendar, personal messages, file sharing and user-comments on topics.
*All glossary items are silently merged with the real content.
*Build and issue your own certifications.
*Drag and drop components, select a new theme or the active components for your lesson. eFront is an elegant and flexible solution that does not look outdated.
*Search for anything, anyone and anywhere inside the system.
*Unicode support and full language administration module. Adding a new language is easy!.
*The administrator is still a human. eFront puts the same special care on his interface as well..
*Features like LDAP support or ip restriction helps building a secure and open system.

Live Demo (http://demo.efrontlearning.net/educational/www/index.php?index_efront&bypass_language=english)

(http://www.efrontlearning.net/product/efront-features/) (http://www.efrontlearning.net/product/efront-features/)

Lang Vietnamese: Download it (http://www.efrontlearning.net/resources/languages/lang-vietnamese-machine.zip)


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