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BestAddress HTML Editor 2009 Professional v15.0.1

[ 2009-07-27 07:20:37 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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BestAddress HTML Editor 2009 Professional v15.0.1 | 6.9 MB

BestAddress HTML Editor - a fully functional HTML editor from Multimedia Australia, allowing to easily create your own website on the Internet. Allows you to work directly with the code or use the visual editing. The program can create the menu based on the DHTML code that is supported by predictive text input code has a rich set of embedded templates and can be used to update the previously created resource can upload pages to the server via FTP and download them directly from the site via the web. In addition, it supports syntax, and work with templates, and also contains detailed information on the HTML 4.01 and CSS2. The program has more than 70 diverse capabilities to quickly create a web site and will come as novices or experts.

Create your websites with this multi-award-winning Web design and development software program, used by Web authors for over 7 years! With three editing mode options: visual editing (also known as WYSIWYG), code editing (HTML, CSS and PHP) and split-screen preview and code editing functionality - it's like having three HTML editors in one! Unlike many other HTML editors, the BestAddress HTML Editor even includes DigitalAccess FTP, so you can upload your files to the Web without needing to buy additional FTP software. Design, upload and maintain your website with a huge range of easy to use functions, tutorials for beginners, free updates, integrated technical support contact capabilities, a dedicated Customer Benefits program and much more. With over 70 major features, many of which aren't found in other HTML editors, it's no surprise why the Best Address HTML Editor is the number one Web editing software choice for beginners and experts alike!


Three HTML editors in one: visual editing (WYSIWYG - meaning "What You See Is What You Get"), code mode, and split-screen code and live preview.
Templates included
12-chapter HTML tutorial for beginners
Free technical support - even from within the software itself
DigitalAccessTM FTP software included for uploading your website's files
Site project capabilities
Spell checking
DHTML menu editor
HTML code syntax checking
HTML tags (HTML elements) and attributes are suggested as you code in the code editing mode
Ability to open and save directly from the Web
Image map editing
Source code securing: helps prevent unauthorised code and design copying
Mange tasks you need to complete with the to-do list
Comprehensive help
Regular software updates: we strive to provide our customers with more features than other HTML editors offer. We release regular free updates to give you access to the latest features
And much more...

http://www.mmaus.com/products/bestaddress.php - HomePage

http://rapidshare.com/files/239928845/BestAddress.HTML.Editor.2009.Professional.v15.0.1. WinALL.Incl.Keygen-BRD.rar

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