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[English Study] - Tổng hợp một số từ điển tiếng Anh chuyên ngành

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Cuốn 1: Từ điển các thuật ngữ viết tắt cho ngành Dược

Name: Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations (5th Edition)

This best-selling portable resource provides authoritative definitions for all of the medical acronyms and abbreviations you can expect to encounter in medicine today. The new, 5th Edition features 10,000 completely new entries reflecting the most recent developments in health careincluding new clinical trials, new technologies, and new advances. Highlights include the latest virus nomenclature, computer technology, medical informatics, and molecular biology, along with more from the ever-expanding list of organizations and associations.
It also includes a CD-ROM that makes the content accessible via computer. What's more, a handheld software version is available on CD-ROMsold separately, or in a money-saving package together with the book.

DOWNLOAD: 2.39 MB, No pass


Cuốn 2: Từ điển chuyên ngành các thuyết, định nghĩa và quy tắc cho ngành Tâm lý học

Dictionary of Theories, Laws, and Concepts in Psychology

Fully cross-referenced and source-referenced, this dictionary contains more than 1,200 entries for terms concerning laws, theories, hypotheses, doctrines, principles, and effects in the early and contemporary psychological literature. Birth order theory, gate-control theory, and Freud's theory of personality are examples of entries concerning theories. Examples of entries concerning hypotheses include elicited observing rate hypothesis, facial feedback hypothesis, total time hypothesis/law, and Whorf-Sapir hypothesis/theory. Readers interested in laws and principles will find all-or-none law/principle, Mendel's laws/principles, and Zeising's principle. Effects, such as the Stroop effect, and doctrines, such as the doctrine of unconscious inference, are also included.

Each entry consists of the definition/description of the term with commentary, followed by a number of cross-referenced, related terms and by chronologically ordered lists of sources to indicate the evolution of the term. The first appendix, "Frequency of Usage of Concepts as Sampled in Psychology Textbooks, 1885^-1996," provides supplementary material on many laws and theories not included in the dictionary itself and will be helpful to students and scholars concerned with specialty areas in psychology. There are more than 800 laws and theories in this appendix; the total time period is broken down into five separate subperiods. A second appendix lists the 136 textbooks surveyed for the collection of laws and theories listed in appendix A. A selected bibliography and index conclude the work.

Roeckelein, a professor of psychology in the Department of Psychology at Mesa Community College, Mesa, Arizona, is to be commended for his appreciation of semantic and theoretical distinctions. Although the mid-1990s have seen the publication of several dictionaries and encyclopedias in psychology, some of which are revisions of important titles, none of these titles represents serious competition for this scholarly dictionary. The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology [RBB D 15 96], although full of useful information for anyone who is interested in psychology, is more appropriate to high-school students and general readers seeking an understanding of the concepts of academic psychology as employed by experts in the field. Billed as a dictionary for psychologists, Stuart Sutherland's second edition of The International Dictionary of Psychology [RBB Ap 1 96] attempts to include all technical terms from psychiatry, neurology, neurophysiology, neurochemistry, ethology, sociobiology, genetics, linguistics, artificial intelligence, sociology, anthropology, statistics, philosophy, and other disciplines. Benjamin B. Wolman's concise, current Encyclopedia of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Psychoanalysis [RBB Je 1 97] and Raymond J. Corsini's reliable four-volume Encyclopedia of Psychology [RBB S 15 94] also pose no competition because they differ in both scope and purpose. Written with the broadest possible audience in mind, and containing some 17,000 terms, the second edition of Arthur S. Reber's Penguin Dictionary of Psychology (1995) is considerably less focused and more wide-ranging than Roeckelein's work, and also more weighty and cumbersome.

This dictionary should be a valuable addition to college and university library collections, particularly those that support programs in psychology and related fields. Large public libraries may want to take a look-see to determine its potential usefulness in their settings.

Xem online tại : Đây (http://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=101290003)




Cuốn 3: Từ điển Anh - Ả- Rập

Al-mawrid: A Modern English-Arabic Dictionary

Arabic-English dictionary with addendum for English proverbs and origns and Arab equivalents and a section on biographical names.



Cuốn 4: từ điển kí tự

Dictionary of Symbols

The unvarying essential meanings of around 1,000 symbols and symbolic themes commonly found in the art, literature and thought of all cultures through the ages are clarified.



Cuốn 5: từ điển Ngành Ngoại Giao

Dictionary of Diplomacy, 2nd Edition

Like all professions, diplomacy has spawned its own specialized terminology, and it is this lexicon which provides A Dictionary of Diplomacy's thematic spine. However, the dictionary also includes entries on legal terms, political events, international organizations and major figures who have occupied the diplomatic scene or have written influentially about it over the last half millennium. All students of diplomacy and related subjects and especially junior members of the many diplomatic services of the world will find this book indispensable.



Cuốn 6: Dictionary of Biological Psychology

A true must have for every clinician, researcher, and psychology student to have in his or her library. This is a beautifully organized reference tool that will provide psychologists with the biological information they need.
–Doody's Electronic Journal, November 2001

A valuable addition to any college or university library where courses in biological psychology are taught....should be extremely useful for undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals in related areas. Highly recommended.
–Choice, July 2001

Clearly written and easy to use.... This handsomely bound volume will find a place in many academic library collections, as well as on the shelves of some individual faculty members.
–Against the Grain, September 2001

Clearly written and easy to use.... This handsomely bound volume will find a place in many academic library collections, as well as on the shelves of some individual faculty members.
–Against the Grain, September 2001

A true must have for every clinician, researcher, and psychology student to have in his or her library. This is a beautifully organized reference tool that will provide psychologists with the biological information they need.
–Doody's Electronic Journal, November 2001

A valuable addition to any college or university library where courses in biological psychology are taught....should be extremely useful for undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals in related areas. Highly recommended.
–Choice, July 2001



Cuốn 7: Dictionary of Archaeology

This dictionary provides those studying or working in archaeology with a complete reference to the field. The entries, which range from key-word definitions to longer articles, convey the challenges, ambiguities and theoretical context of archaeology as well as the surveyed and excavated data. The dictionary is based on the premise that archaeology is a process rather than simply a body of knowledge, and includes contributions from more than forty of the world's leading archaeologists.

Unlike other dictionaries of archaeology, this volume provides comprehensive coverage of recent archaeological theory together with examples of practical applications and cross-references to site entries. The Dictionary also incorporates concepts and movements from adjacent fields such as anthropology, sociology, philosophy and human biology. There are also numerous entries on previously neglected areas such as China, Japan and Oceania. The bibliographies that follow virtually every entry enable the reader to easily locate primary or most recent sources.



Cuốn 8: Essential Dictionary of Music Notation

This pocket-sized dictionary presents current and correct notation practices in an easy-to-use format. Generously illustrated and concise, this book is essential to any musician looking for a handy reference for the correct notation of music. A most welcome and beneficial source for every musician, whether using a pencil or a computer.


Cuốn 9: Dictionary of Engineering

An essential reference for all professional engineers, writers, and students, this comprehensive dictionary covers the terms and concepts used in the major engineering disciplines, such as chemical, civil, design, industrial, mechanical, mining, acoustics, petroleum, and systems engineering. The book includes 15,000 terms-each definition identified by the field in which it is primarily used. Readers will also find handy cross references, as well as an appendix with conversion tables and SI units.



http://rapidshare.com/files/171252534/Licker_M.D._-_McGraw_Hill_Dictionary_of_Engineering_2nd_Ed__200 3_.pdf

Cuốn 10: Từ điển Hóa - Sinh và Sinh học Phân tử

Concise Dictionary of Biomedicine and Molecular Biology

Rapid advances in science, medicine, and molecular biology have created a vast volume of new information on biomedicine and molecular biology. To account for the new terminology and to provide accurate characterizations of previously existing ones, Dictionary of Biomedicine and Molecular Biology has been revised and updated. This second edition provides concise definitions of terms used in biotechnology, molecular biology, and medicine. It also furnishes references on chemical structures and molecular weights of drugs, antibiotics, biochemical, environmental, natural, and DNA recombinant technology substances. The dictionary gives the corresponding generic name for each trade name of drugs and cross-references them with their chemical structure and it provides the medical and molecular abbreviations of terms commonly used in the scientific and medical community.


http://www.filefactory.com/file/dbe515/n/Dicti0n_ry_of_Bi0medicine_and_M0lecular_Bi0l0gy_ra r

Cuốn 11: Từ điển thuật ngữ Khoa học và Công nghệ

Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms

For more than a quarter of a century, this amazingly comprehensive dictionary has been a standard international reference. Containing more than 115,000 terms and 125,000 definitions--from 100 areas of science and technology--this trusted resource provides definitions written in clear, simple language, understandable to the general reader, yet is consistent with the specialized use of the term.THE NEW SIXTH EDITION:* Thoroughly revised with 5,000 NEW TERMS* Each term includes a helpful pronunciation guide* Entries are complemented by 3,000 illustrations; appendices containing biographic listings, converison tables, taxonomic classification charts, and more* The only dictionary of scientific and technical terms to be thumb-indexedInvaluable to scientists, researchers, teachers, students, as well as interested lay persons, the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms is truly the single best way for anyone to gain fluency in the language of science.



Or: pass: www.freebookspot.com


Cuốn 12: Từ điển ngành Marketing

Dictionary of Marketing

This third edition of the dictionary takes into account the many new terms that have
come into marketing with the growth of e-commerce and the Internet. The
supplement at the back of the book has also been comprehensively updated.
We are grateful to the following for their valuable comments on the text: Ian Linton,
Georgia Hole, Dinah Jackson and Sandra Anderson.



Cuốn 13: Từ điển tài chính ngân hàng

Dictionary of Banking and Finance



Cuốn 14: Từ điển ngành Kế Toán

Dictionary of Accounting

This dictionary provides a basic vocabulary of terms used in accounting,
from personal finance and investments to company accounts, balance
sheets and stock valuations. It is ideal for students of accounting and for anyone who needs to check the meaning of an accountancy term, from
people working in businesses who may not be professional accountants to
translators or those for whom English is an additional language.
Each headword is explained in clear, straightforward English and
examples are given to show how the word may be used in context. There
are also quotations from newspapers and specialist magazines. Sample
documents and financial statements are also provided.
Thanks are due to Hannah Gray and Sarah Williams for their invaluable
help and advice during the production of this new edition.



Cuốn 15: từ điển thuật ngữ Tài chính và kinh doanh

Dictionary Of Financial And Business Terms



Dictionary of Science:

http://www.freebookspot.org/upload/Dictionaries/Oxford_Dictionary_of_Science__14.09.2008_0_00_00.j pg



Dictionary of Architecture & Construction

Size: 27.09 MiB (28402249 Bytes)
Texted language(s): English
Download: (torrent)


http://rapidshare.com/files/197066970/vnfriends.vn_dictionary_of_architecture___construc tion_20062187.rar


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