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SMS Cute 3.2 - Quản lý tin nhắn trên mobile

[ 2009-05-25 08:19:09 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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SMS Cute 3.2 | 27.57 Mb
Giúp bạn quản lí việc tạo và gửi các tin nhắn SMS trên điện thoại di động

SMS Cute is designed for faciliting Short Message Service (SMS) on mobiles. It can be used with more than 300 types of mobiles appearing in the market. If you are a SMS worm but have ever tired of typing on tricky keyboards, SMS Cute is right for you. It supplies an integrated environment for composing, sending, receiving and managing SMS via a mobile connected to your computer.

There are various types of connection that are adopted for mobiles from all makers. SMS Cute can incorportate with serial, USB or bluetooth ports with ease. Users can define connection characteristics such as data rate, port number, time out control, etc.

SMS Cute is capable of handling a number of managemental jobs like creating, moving between folders and exporting messages. Contact numbers distilled from received messages can also be directly exported as a vCard.

The interface is straight-forward. Use of SMS Cute could be just like operating most email clients like Microsoft Outlook. Users may get familiar with its usage without spending extra efforts.

Based on Microsoft .NET Framework, SMS Cute can run on a number of popular platforms such as Win2k, WinXP as well as WinNT and Windows 2003 Server. Users can also export the mobile numbers of the messages received to a variety of formats such as vCard and Excel, which could be edited directly or read by other applications.

Home Page (http://anonymz.com/?www.sodensoft.com)

Letitbit (http://letitbit.net/download/0249e3bb66ad5a1/SMS.Cute_3.2.Incl.Keymaker.And.Server.Auth.Patch_C ORE_www.softarchive.net.rar.html)

Uploading (http://uploading.com/files/OBPGB0WG/SMS.Cute_3.2.Incl.Keymaker.And.Server.Auth.Patch_C ORE_www.softarchive.net.rar.html)

RapidShare (http://rapidshare.com/files/232237970/SMS.Cute_3.2.Incl.Keymaker.And.Server.Auth.Patch_C ORE_www.softarchive.net.rar)

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