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Share code Domain Trader 2.1

[ 2009-05-22 08:37:59 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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Domain Trader is a domain parking script which is integrated with a powerful domain auction module to allow users to make offers on domains marked for sale. Domain Trader was designed to provide domain professionals with the opportunity to offer a complete domain portfolio management service to customers worldwide.
Domain parking module
Unlike it's competition, this popular software comes complete with it's own state of the art domain parking module, which gives users the ability to park their domains and keep track of their PPC revenue profits. The domain parking module keeps full statistics for each parked domain, including views, clicks, CTR (click-thru rate), RPC (revenue per click) and total revenue earnt. Domains can be optimized by entering a specific keyword related to that particular domain, so that targeted adverts can be displayed on the parking page.


Domain auction module
Domain Trader has a built in auction system, which allows potential buyers to make offers on domains that are for sale. Users are able to categorize their domains for sale and also supply "Minimum offer" and "Asking price" values for each domain. It also has a Page Rank and Link Popularity checker.

Registration Features
# New user registration form with Terms & Conditions check
Fully automated user registration area, which will send the user a welcome email upon successful registration.
# "Where did you hear about us?" section
Helps you keep track of where your members are coming from to help you target better ad campaigns.
# User login area
This area allows the user to gain access to the members area.
# "Forgot password" feature
This feature allows the user to reset their password and receive the new password via email.
# "Forgot username" feature
This feature will send a username reminder email to the user.
Administration Features
# Admin login area
The admin section is a password protected area.
# Site settings page
This page allows you to configure settings such as, Site Name, Site Url, Site Email, Site Logo, Paypal Settings, Nameserver settings, Language options and the ability to turn the escrow system on/off.
# Site rates
This page allows you to change global site rates (registration rate, comission rate, appraisal rate, showcase listing rate, deposit charge, minimum deposit amount)
# Site stats
This page allows you to view basic site stats, such as total members, total bids, total domains, total parked domains & total sales.
# Edit email templates
This page allows you to modify the email templates that are sent out automatically by the system. Both HTML & plain-text can be used.
# Change password feature
This page allows the owner/webmaster to change the admin password.
# Manage users
This page allows you to add new users, update user account info, remove users, send bulk email to all registered users and reset user passwords.
# Manage categories
This page allows you to add new categories, edit categories and delete categories.
# Manage domains
This page allows you to add domains, edit domains, delete domains, add/remove domains from showcase, park/unpark domains and mark domains as active/inactive.
# Manage banners
This page allows you to take full control over the banner rotation system. You can add/edit/delete banners and view stats for selected banners.
# Manage sales
This page allows you to view/cancel current bids and sales.
# Manage parked domains
This section allows you to view stats, optimize, park and unpark domain names.
# Parking payments
This section allows you to make revenue payouts to users who have their domains parked on your website.
# Manage parking headers
This section allows you to add/edit/delete parking headers that can be used to display on parked pages. Headers that are added here will be available by all users to use on their parked domain names.
# Active parking countries
This page allows you to specify which countries (traffic) will be accepted for the parking system.
# XML Settings
This page allows you to enter your XML account info, which will be used by the parking system to display ads on parked domain names. Multiple accounts can be used simulteneously.
# Logout
This feature will log the user out of the admin area.

User Control Panel Features
# Add domain for sale
This area allows users to add domains for sale, which includes an area where they can upload more than one domain at a time.
# Manage domains for sale
This section allows users to edit, categorize, park, unpark, price, activate, deactivate and delete their domain names.
# Manage parked domains
This section allows users to park, unpark, optimize, customize and view full statistics for their parked domain names.
# Promote domains
This area allows users to add and remove their domain names from the showcase section of the site.
# Order domain appraisal
This area allows users to order a domain name appraisal for one of the domains they have listed in their account. The appraisal request will then be sent to admin for manual investigation.
# My domain sales
This section allows the user to view their latest sales.
# My domain offers
This section is where the user can manage offers they have made and received for domain names.
# My messages
This section is where private messages from other members will be displayed.
# My billing
This area allows the user to view all of their transactions, which includes account deposits, domain purchases, comission charges etc.
# Deposit funds
This section allows the user to deposit funds into their account, via paypal. This process is 100% automated.
# Edit account info
This section allows the user to update their personal information, such as name, address and email.
# Change password
This area allows the user to reset their account password.
# Help & support
This is a button that will allow the user to email support.
# Logout
This link allows the user to logout from their account area.

Domain Parking Features
# Parked page customization
Users have the ability to change the header of each parked domain.
# Automatic keyword targetting
Parked pages will automatically target the keyword which the user has specified for each parked domain name.
# Domain is for sale link
Parked pages will contain a "Domain is for sale" button if the user has placed the domain name for sale on the main website.
# Automatic click update
Crons for each XML feed automatically update click stats on the website.
# Ability to customize parked pages 100%
You will have full access to a HTML landing page template that can be customized.
# Ability to use XML feeds simulteneously
Our script now allows you to use more than one XML feed at a time on landing pages.

System requirements

* PHP 4.3 or higher with CURL enabled
* MySQL 4.0.25 or higher
* FTP access
* Shell or root access
* cPanel
* phpMyadmin (recommended, but not required)



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