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ManageEngine OpUtils Professional v5.6

[ 2009-04-29 09:01:53 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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ManageEngine OpUtils Professional v5.6 | 26.12 MB | RS | UL

The AdventNet ManageEngine OpUtils is a comprehensive set of 40+ unique system and network monitoring tools.

It`s a Java and web-based troubleshooting software for monitoring devices such as switch, server, router, desktop, etc.

The tool set is best suited for IT operational staff and network engineers responsible for maintaining and monitoring networks.

AdventNet ManageEngine OpUtils 3 provides real-time monitoring tools to troubleshoot poor network performance, heavy bandwidth utilization and connectivity or link problems before they turn into outages, delayed response times, high CPU usage, hard disk utilization, device availability, software inventory, etc. It has a collection of 40+ real-time troubleshooting tools..

A standard enterprise manager monitors the devices in periodic intervals and stores the data in a database, whereas ManageEngine OpUtils provides real-time data instantly!

ManageEngine is available in Free and Professional Editions. OpUtils Free Edition has 25 tools, and it is absolutely free of cost! Some important tools in the Free Edition are Ping Scan, SNMP Scan, MAC Scan, DNS Scan, Enhanced Ping, Proxy Ping, all desktop monitoring tools (CPU, Hard disk, Process monitoring, etc.) and most of the SNMP tools (SNMP Walker, SNMP Graph, MIB Viewer and Trap Receiver).

The Professional Edition has 43 tools, which includes Network monitoring (Switch Port Mapper, Wake-on-LAN, Performance and Bandwidth monitoring) and Cisco Router monitoring tools. (IOS, Chassis, Flash, CPU, Memory, Interfaces, Config Files, etc.)

Here are some key features of "AdventNet ManageEngine OpUtils":

· Switch Port Mapper - Tool to check and display the devices connected to the ports of a Switch.
· IP Address Manager - Tool to scan the subnets and identify the used and available IP Addresses.
· Rogue Detection - Tool to detect the unauthorized network access.
· Bandwidth Monitor - Tool to monitor the average BPS and percentage utilization of all the Interfaces in the specified device.
· Network Monitor - Tool to monitor the availability and response times of critical network devices.
· Config File Manager - Config File Manager downloads/uploads the StartUp and/or the Running config files from the given CISCO device and displays them. It also shows the colored difference between the two files.
· DHCP Scope Monitor - Tool to find the used and available IP addresses in the scopes of the DHCP Server.
· Trap Receiver - Tool to view the SNMP Traps sent from the network devices.
· MAC IP List - To get the list of MAC and IP Addresses in the network.
· Ping Tool - Tool to ping a node to check its connectivity status in the network.
· Ping Scan - Tool to scan a range of IP addresses to check if they are alive and reachable in the network.
· SNMP Ping - Tool to ping a node, for checking if the node is SNMP enabled.
· SNMP Scan - Tool to scan a range of SNMP-enabled IP addresses to check if they are alive and reachable.
· Proxy Ping - Tool to do a ping test from a remote router to another remote device.
· Trace Route - Tool to record the route (the specific gateway computers at each hop) through the network from Host to the target Destination.
· MAC Address Resolver - Tool to resolve IP Address or Host Name to MAC Address and vice versa.
· MAC Address Scan - Tool to discover the physical address of a given range of devices and map them with the corresponding IP addresses.
· DNS Resolver - A data query tool to translate host name into IP Address and vice versa.
· DNS Scan - Tool to audit the given range of IPs for Reverse Lookup.
· Wake-On-LAN - Tool to remotely power on a PC.
· Port Scanner - Tool to scan the ports of a system.
· System Details Update - Tool to view and update the details, such as Name, Location, and Contact details.
· System Explorer - Tool to view the complete details of a device like, disk space, cpu usage, processes, installed software, etc.
· TCP Reset - Tool to find and reset the list of TCP connections established with the switches, routers, etc., in the network.
· SNMP Walker - Tool to retrieve information for a set of OIDs in a MIB.
· SNMP Table - Tool to retrieve the data for the specified Table OID from the device.
· SNMP Graph - Tool to gather data in real time and to draw graph for any SNMP device using the available data.
· MIB Browser - Tool to load, browse, search, and walk through SNMP MIBs, and perform certain basic SNMP functions.
· MIB Viewer - Tool to retrieve and analyze information about a MIB or a specific MIB OID/node from a MIB file.
· Community Checker - Tool to detect the read and write community strings of the devices in the network.


· CPU - P4 - 1.0GHz
· RAM - 512 MB
· Disk Space - 200MB


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