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Lock XLS 3.8 - Chương trình giúp bảo vệ file Excel Theo Nhiều Cách ...

[ 2009-04-27 20:51:46 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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LockXLS adds copy protection features to your Excel workbook. It makes formulae and VBA code unavailable to customer, adds various registration options - generate hardware based Computer Code, create Activation Code to unlock workbook on customer's PC, customize messages shown to customer during registration. Locked workbook may have trial period and splash screen. Also it will be converted to application, which does not have any external dependencies and could be easily distributed.
You should not write a code which creates hardware dependent Computer Codes, registration interface and other features needed for distribution. All of them are provided to LockXLS, you should only select needed options in the project and enter your own captions.
We suggest you to review How it works page to see how protected file works on customer's PC. Examples page contains protected files which you can download and test on your PC.
What you get using LockXLS:
* Spreadsheet is protected with a:
o Hardware based Activation Code (workbook will be locked to specific PC)
o Activation Code, bound to USB flash drive. This allows to control how many copied are launched on customer's PCs.
o Serial Number
o Trial period
o Password
* Create rental files using LockXLS. Hardware based Activation Code will unlock spreadsheet only to specified period of time.
* Limit evaluation and license by count of openings of protected document.
* On-line activation. LockXLS setup includes keygen applications for Linux and Windows, which could be used on your website. Also you can provide URL for on-line activation.
* Spreadsheet can be converted to:
o Application - does not requre any additional files to distribution
o Protected Excel document - requires LockXLS Runtime to be installed on customer's PC
* Formulas and VBA code are unavailable to user. He will not be able to view and analyse logic of your workbook.
* Formulas and VBA code are unaccessible through COM Object Model. User can not write a VBA code to retrieve your formula or macro.
* Protect workbooks from cracking VBA passwords and sheet passwords.
* Protect Excel AddIns (.xla, .xlam) in same way as other Excel documents.
* Disable printing in Excel.
* Add your own End-User License Agreement with Accept and Decline buttons to protected file.
* Add Splash screen with custom image.
* Add you own Help file to locked application.
* Customize activation messages shown when user opens locked workbook.
* Custom icon to applications, created from Microsoft Excel documents.
* Customer works with protected files in same way as with usual Excel documents.
* Time syncronization with Internet Time Servers. Customer will be unable to rollback time and "extend" his evaluation.
* Data in spreadsheet is encrypted with secure 128-bit algorithm.
* Data on hidden sheets can not be accessed from external application.
* There are no limitations to workbook, which should be protected. All features of Microsoft Excel are supported by LockXLS.
* Protected spreadsheet model will be as fast as original model.
* LockXLS has very simple interface and will be easy to use. See screenshot ...
* Product is easy to install and uninstall.
If list of LockXLS features doesn't meet your requirements, please send us your suggestions using this form and we will implement it in nearest release!
Download LockXLS now:
You can download a 15-day full featured evaluation version from this link:
To see version history, please visit Download page.
We recommend you to install LockXLS and review Help | Getting started topic, where you will find step-by-step instruction how to create application, which is ready for distribution.
LockXLS setup package contains sample projects, which can be used to lock AddIn or usual Excel document.
Full Download

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