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SystemTech AntiSpyware v2.0

[ 2009-04-27 20:51:46 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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SystemTech AntiSpyware v2.0 Stay secure with two powerful system safeguards. SystemTech AntiSpyware detects and removes any threat to your PC, helps repair damage to your system components and protects you from future intrusions. SystemTech AntiVirus provides next generation technology to handle new viruses, worms, hijackers and Trojans that attempt to install on your PC, giving you peace of mind when browsing the Internet or reading your email.
Over 20 utilities increase your security, provide an instant snapshot of your system, and keep your PCs running like new.
Spyware Shield
Root out suspicious activity before it becomes a problem. Powerful spyware protection keeps your system out of danger by quickly repairing hijacked system settings, blocking new threats, automatically terminating all processes that represent adware or spyware threats, disabling malicious ActiveX controls for safe web browsing, and even blocking instant messaging spam.
Total AntiVirus Security
Unique antivirus heuristic technology locates even the toughest threats that standard security suites miss, including ones buried in your system registry and potential future risks. Quarantine suspicious objects, add trusted items to your Ignored list, monitor your computer in real-time, and perform Quick, Full or Custom scans to stay virus-free at all times.
Backup, Repair & Protect your Registry
Create multiple backups of your system registry and full System Restore snapshots to return your PC to its original state if infected or damaged. Scan your registry for errors and remove invalid or malicious entries to increase the speed of your computer and protect it from new threat characteristics and evolving code patterns.
Know what's happening on your PC
After protecting a PC from spyware and virus intrusions, keep it safe by supervising user activity. Safely monitor what websites and URLs are visited, record online and offline activity, block applications from opening, block websites by keyword, and set an Internet time schedule
when a user can browse online.
Over 20 Utilities that our competition cannot match:
- AntiSpyware
- AntiVirus
- Memory Optimizer
- Disk Care
- Registry Cleaner
- Registry Backup
- Privacy Cleaner
- Kids Control
- Disk Defrag
- Junk File Cleaner
- Email Backup
- File Backup
- File Protector
- Windows Tweaker
- SMARTDisk Checkup
- Uninstall Checkup
- File Shredder
- File Undelete
- Startup Cleaner
- ...and more!
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