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Fookes NoteTab Pro 6.12

[ 2009-09-03 01:34:17 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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Fookes NoteTab Pro 6.12 | 3.43 Mb

NoteTab is a leading text editor, popular Notepad replacement, and powerful code-based HTML editor. Winner of software industry awards since 1998, this application does it all: it easily handles a stack of huge files; lets you format text to your heart's content; does system-wide searches, and multi-line global replacements. It even corrects your spelling mistakes. Build document templates, add bookmarks, convert text to HTML on-the-fly, and take charge of your code. Use a simple, power-packed scripting language to create anything from a text macro to a mini-application.

All versions
Tabs: Handles many documents at once through a lean tabbed interface.
Performance: Fast document handling and text processing, feature rich, bloat free, and reliable.
Portable: Runs off USB drives and does not require installation with a Setup program.
Versatile: Appeals to a broad range of users – casual note takers, journalists, authors, webmasters, and programmers.
Accessible: Offers comprehensive Accessibility Mode for sight-impaired users and people with other disabilities.
International: Supports UTF-8 and Unicode files, as well as ANSI documents based on non-Western character sets.
Businesses: Fully supports multi-user and networked environments. Works from Windows limited user accounts.
Power-Search: Allows multi-line search-and-replace across open documents, or search any file on disk.
RegEx: Integrates the PCRE regular expressions engine for flexible wildcard search-and-replace operations.
Statistics: Text statistics tool shows number of characters, words, and frequency of each word in a document.
Calculate: Calculates the value of mathematical expressions entered in NoteTab.
Clipboard: Lets you automatically capture into a document any text that is copied to the Clipboard.
Boilerplate: Innovative Clipbook tool makes it easy to save, reuse, expand, and auto-correct any kind of text.
Libraries: Includes Clipbook libraries for HTML, XHTML, and CSS coding, as well as useful conversion tools.
Programmable: Includes a scripting language that enables the creation of custom text-processing tools.
Community: Get help, exchange ideas, and share tips-and-tricks by joining one of our free discussion groups.

NoteTab Light (also known as Super NoteTab in early versions)
Free: License costs $0.00 (freeware).
Businesses: Remains free even when used in a business context.
Features: More features than any other free text editor.

NoteTab Std and NoteTab Pro only
Preview: Integrates a Print Preview feature.
Clipbars: Enables creating your own custom toolbars.
Words: Provides a thesaurus and a multilingual spell checker.
Outlines: Lets you create and edit NoteTab Outline documents.
Replace: Allows multi-line and wildcard (regex) replace operations across files on disk.
Shortcuts: Enables customizing menu keyboard shortcuts.
Price: Competitively priced – only $19.95 for NoteTab Std and $29.95 for NoteTab Pro.
Businesses: Competitively priced site licenses available.

NoteTab Pro only
Faster: Very fast text processing.
Undo/Redo: Offers multi-level undo/redo text editing.
Highlighting: Highlights URLs, HTML tags, Clip code, and Hyperlinks.
Bookmarks: Lets you place bookmarks in your text.
Nonprinting: Option to reveal nonprinting characters.
Numbering: Includes a line-count ruler.
WordStar: Includes an option to use WordStar commands.

Home Page - http://www.fookes.com/



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