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Duke Nukem 3D

[ 2009-08-27 04:49:04 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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Duke Nukem 3D + high resolution pack
: 1996, by Apogee Software
Genre: first-person shooter game
Developer: 3D Realms
Language: EN
Size: 272 MB
Taking on the role of Duke Nukem, an imperious action hero from Earth, players must fight through 28 levels spread over three chapters. A commercial upgrade, called The Plutonium Pak, later added a fourth episode of 11 additional levels, some new enemies, and one new modified weapon. As usual for a first-person shooter, players encounter a whole host of different enemies, and can engage them with a range of weaponry.
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Duke Nukem 3D is set "sometime in the early 21st century" in a broken and far more morally corrupt Los Angeles, and expands to locations such as lunar space stations. Through cutscenes and gameplay, the premise is that an alien transgenic species has infiltrated Earth in light of Duke's absence while fighting in space. Upon crash landing back to Earth, Duke finds most humans are absent, with few attractive women remaining as diversions for the aliens. American civilization has been reduced to a virtual wasteland while pornography has become the sole source of entertainment. As well as killing aliens to free the Earth, players must also solve puzzles to progress through the various levels. Some puzzles allow access to extra, hidden levels.
Level design
The levels of Duke Nukem 3D take the player outdoors and indoors through rendered street scenes, military bases, deserts, flooded cities, space stations, moon bases and Japanese villas. Levels were also designed in a fairly non-linear manner such that players can advantageously use air ducts, back doors and sewers to avoid enemies or find hidden secrets, which also makes the levels well suited to deathmatch. These locations are also filled with objects that the player can interact, that either benefit the player in some form (light switches make it easier to see, while water fountains and broken hydrants provide some health points) or simply provide a touch of diversion (tipping strippers provokes a humorous quote from Duke and sometimes a provocative reveal from the dancer).
Weapons and equipment
The game includes a range of lethal weapons, some of which, even today, are still unique to the Duke Nukem series. They range from Duke's "Mighty Foot", a basic melee attack, to a pistol, a Chain gun (similar in design to the Nordenfelt gun), pipe bombs, freeze- and shrink-rays, and laser trip mines.
Aside from weapons, Nukem's inventory also includes a series of items that can be picked up during play. A portable medkit allows players to heal themselves whenever they choose to. Steroids speed up player movement making transit through hostile territory easier, as well as instantly reversing the effects of the shrinker. Nightvision goggles allow players to see enemies in the dark. The "HoloDuke" device projects a hologram of Duke that can be used to distract enemies. Protective boots allow the player to cross dangerously hot or toxic terrain. Where progress requires more aquatic legwork, scuba gear (an aqua-lung) allows the player to take longer trips away from air. Perhaps most impressively, Duke's trademark jetpack allows the player to range fully in 3D, often to reach hidden weapons caches or extra health.
The game features a wide range of monsters, some of which are aliens, others mutated humans (the LAPD has been turned into "Pig-cops", a play on the derogatory term "pig" for police officers, with LARD emblazoned on their uniforms). As is usual for a first-person shooter, Nukem encounters a large number of lesser foes, and a small number of boss enemies (usually at the end of chapters). Like Duke, these enemies have access to a wide range of weapons and equipment (some weaker enemies have jet packs).
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