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QuarkXPress v8.02 Multilingual (2009)

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Windown software | QuarkXPress v8.02 Multilingual (2009) | 230 MB | RS Link

Inspired by the designer’s passion for perfection, QuarkXPress® 8 complements the way creative professionals work. Strive to do better and constantly improve — employ page-layout and design software developed to help get you there


Modern, Intuitive Interface

* Picture and Pen Tools

New Picture and Pen Tools

Integrate images into your layout quickly and seamlessly with QuarkXPress® 8.

New Picture ToolIntuitively place, scale, rotate, and offset images easily using the new Picture Content tool — no need to switch tools or enter numbers in a palette or dialog box. You can even see a visual preview as you crop an image!

Draw brand new illustrations directly in QuarkXPress 8 with the redefined Bézier Pen tool — just like you do in Illustrator® and other major graphics applications. Most importantly, you can focus on the task at hand because we’ve separated illustration tools from the tools you use for basic page-layout tasks.
* Drag and Drop
Easy Page Layout with Drag and Drop

Page Layout Made Easy with Drag and DropLittle things make a big difference — we think you’ll love the way we handle drag and drop.

Design as quickly and fluidly as your ideas. When you move your text or picture content to the page, the box is automatically created — no need to pre-define boxes!

You can drag text and pictures from your desktop, Adobe® Bridge, iP®, or any other application that supports drag and drop, and your box is created for you. You can even drag picture boxes from QuarkXPress to your graphics application to customize your images.
* Keyboard Controls

Streamlined Tools with Familiar Keyboard Controls
Picking the right tool for the job is easy in QuarkXPress 8.

Item and Content tool's rotationWe’ve streamlined and simplified our Tools palette, so the tools do more and it’s easier to choose the right one. Even familiar tools like the Item and Content tools get major boosts. For example, you can rotate any box simply by grabbing its corner.Streamlined Tools palette

You’ll also enjoy single-key commands — consistent with familiar applications such as Photoshop® — to select tools, as well as keyboard modifiers for duplicating, scaling from center, and performing other common tasks.

By aligning with your other mission-critical tools, while keeping everything you love, QuarkXPress gives you the best of both worlds!

Design Across Media

* Easy Flash® Design

Design and Output Flash (SWF) Directly from QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress Outputs Directly to SWF (Flash®)Page-layout professionals can create rich Flash® projects — without compromising design — using the built-in Flash authoring capabilities included in every edition of QuarkXPress® 8.

Working in the same, familiar print environment of QuarkXPress 8, you can take existing print jobs to Flash, or create new Flash projects, in minutes — no additional purchase or coding required! Interactive design in QuarkXPress 8 includes support for all of the new typographic features, the improved illustration (pen) tool set, full integration with Item Styles and other features, and support for more than 30 languages, including East Asian scripts. No other page-layout application gives you such advanced design capabilities that you can apply directly and easily to Flash design!
* Synchronize Content

Synchronize Content across Print, Web, and Flash

One Set of Content in QuarkXPress Outputs to Print, Web, and FlashTake the headache out of creating complex campaigns across media — rich design across media is made possible — and available — only in QuarkXPress!

Not only does QuarkXPress let you create designer-friendly HTML and Flash content, it helps you maintain design consistency across media through Item Styles and the unique Shared Content feature. They keep your headlines, body copy, images, and even vector art the same across multiple layouts and media types with no need for manual updates. You can also place a live, Interactive layout into a Web layout, designing the Flash elements and the rest of the page at the same time, in the same application. Then, with a single click, you can export the layouts into HTML or SWF format!
* Flash for Everyone

Flash for Everyone
Designer, Editor, and Writer All Use QuarkXPress to Create SWFThanks to QuarkXPress 8, the dynamic medium of Flash is no longer restricted to highly trained programmers. Even better, because every edition of QuarkXPress 8 includes built-in Flash authoring, it’s the only page-layout application that gives you the ability to create rich Flash projects easily, and without having to buy or use a separate application. No more juggling or learning multiple applications — just another example of innovation you expect from superior page-layout and design software.

Whether you're a freelancer aiming to provide a complete service to your clients for print, Web, and interactive design, or a business that wants to get the most design power out of your creative professionals, Web and Interactive layouts in QuarkXPress 8 let anyone design across media. It’s fast, easy, and cost-effective.

QuarkXPress 8 follows a familiar, page-based model rather than a complex timeline, so you can build rich, fully interactive communications that include animation, video, and more — using the same application you already know. If you’ve ever struggled to master Flash creation — or avoided it altogether — you’ll be amazed by how quickly you can create rich, attractive, and compelling interactive content with QuarkXPress 8!

Designer-driven Typography

* Hanging Characters
Create Stunning Text and Achieve the Effects you Want with
Hanging Charactere

QuarkXPress® 8 offers easy-to-use, precise, and fully customizable control for hanging characters. You can control the look of your text margin alignment by quickly applying preloaded settings for Hanging Punctuation and Punctuation Margin Alignment. And only QuarkXPress 8 offers the ability to apply your settings at the paragraph level, so settings don’t have to apply to an entire story. You can even include the hanging characters setting as part of a style sheet.

But our settings are just the beginning. You can build your own settings to precisely define the hang of any character you choose, including drop caps, to create the design effects that work for you.
* Grids

Design Grids/Advanced Baseline Grids
Design Grids give you the power to organize the design of your text, offering unprecedented control over your baseline grid settings, the ability to apply unique grid settings to individual boxes, and a Grid Styles feature that can keep even complex documents consistent.

Move beyond the restrictions of a document-wide baseline grid and enjoy the ability to easily create grids based on existing style sheets, snap one grid to another, and even resize your grid based on how many lines of text you need to fit in a box.
* Unicode® and OpenType® Support

OpenTypeDeveloped for global publishing, QuarkXPress 8 supports the OpenType® font standard and Unicode® encodings that let you work with a massive range of special characters. Every edition of QuarkXPress 8 can handle East Asian, Roman, Cyrillic, and other character types with new font menus that preview your chosen font as well as an enhanced Glyph's palette to help you find just the character you need. QuarkXPress 8 also supports more than 20 new OpenType features for East Asian scripts, leveraging the power of this font standard to create pro-quality typography.

System Requirements



* Microsoft® Windows XP (service pack 2 or 3) or Windows Vista® 1.0 (certified on Windows Vista)


* 1GB RAM (256MB minimum on Windows XP, 512MB minimum on Windows Vista)
* 500MB hard disk space
* DVD-ROM drive


* An Internet connection for activation


QuarkXPress_v8-02_softarchive.net.part1.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/233764280/QuarkXPress_v8-02_softarchive.net.part1.rar)
QuarkXPress_v8-02_softarchive.net.part2.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/233764242/QuarkXPress_v8-02_softarchive.net.part2.rar)
QuarkXPress_v8-02_softarchive.net.part3.rar (http://rapidshare.com/files/233763782/QuarkXPress_v8-02_softarchive.net.part3.rar.html)

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