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FrameForge 3D Studio 2.0.3

[ 2009-08-08 08:44:42 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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FrameForge 3D Studio 2.0.3
Mac App | 220mb | Rs,Upl

FrameForge 3D Studio 2 enables you to create a virtual 3D set in your computer with the freedom to place any number of virtual cameras in any POV. Each camera features full Pan/Tilt, Dolly, Zoom, Roll and Crane control with the options for focal length, Angle of View, f/Stop, Depth of Field and camera height to portray the actual range of your equipment. Its 'behind the scenes' power and familiar controls empower you to experiment and discover the very best shots to capture each story moment. FrameForge is not about your mastery of the pencil but more how you can explore and see what your actual equipment will see. Find your artistry here and it's in the can!

FrameForge 3D Studio comes with over 800 posable actors and objects from a simple drag'n'drop library. Searchable by name and organized in over 100 different categories including thirty-two fully posable actors in four ethnicities (all of whom can be aged from 20 to 60 years old), and everything you need to build exteriors, homes, offices, whatever.

Save time, money and nerves by exploring each shot before you start shooting. Previsualize your project with FrameForge 3D Studio 2 and your printed or exported storyboards will not only be optically-accurate, but they'll give your cast and crew a true representation of your directoral intentions, including the technical information required to create that shot on location.

Join the previz revolution and ranks of professional filmmakers who have discovered the Power of PreViz.

More Info:
Homepage (http://anonymz.com/?http://www.frameforge3d.com/overview.php)

Download Links :

Uploading1 (http://uploading.com/files/AZCD6NEK/FrameForge_3D_Studio_2.0.3.softarchive.net.part1.r ar.html)
Uploading2 (http://uploading.com/files/3BPIF7HQ/FrameForge_3D_Studio_2.0.3.softarchive.net.part2.r ar.html)
Uploading3 (http://uploading.com/files/BEB61T7Z/FrameForge_3D_Studio_2.0.3.softarchive.net.part3.r ar.html)
Uploading4 (http://uploading.com/files/YN3Q0PMP/FrameForge_3D_Studio_2.0.3.softarchive.net.part4.r ar.html)


Rapidshare1 (http://anonymz.com/?http://rapidshare.com/files/233657250/FrameForge_3D_Studio_2.0.3.softarchive.net.part1.r ar)
Rapidshare2 (http://anonymz.com/?http://rapidshare.com/files/233656664/FrameForge_3D_Studio_2.0.3.softarchive.net.part2.r ar)
Rapidshare3 (http://anonymz.com/?http://rapidshare.com/files/233656689/FrameForge_3D_Studio_2.0.3.softarchive.net.part3.r ar)
Rapidshare4 (http://anonymz.com/?http://rapidshare.com/files/FrameForge_3D_Studio_2.0.3.softarchive.net.part4.r ar)

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