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Total Commander PowerUser v40 - Account Power User quyền hạn như admin

[ 2009-08-08 05:48:47 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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Win App | Total Commander PowerUser v40 | 276 Mb

Year: 2009
Version: 19.07.2009
Platform: WindowsXP, Windows Vista, Windows Seven
Language: English + Russian
Tabletka: Not required
Developer: HA3APET
Description: Powerful tool for system administrators and advanced users
based on Total Commander 7.50 pb7

Quyền đăng nhập bằng Account Power User vẫn cho phép thực hiện đầy đủ các chức năng như admin

Các tính năng chính:

- Chương trình có giao diện 2 cửa sổ đặt cạnh nhau.
- Hỗ trợ đa ngôn ngữ.
- Tính năng tìm kiếm cao cấp.
- So sánh file, sao chép thư mục.
- Xem nhanh các tập tin hình ảnh.
- Quản lý các tập tin nén .
- Hỗ trợ FTP và HTTP proxy.
- Cho phép đổi tên hàng loạt.
- Hỗ trợ kéo thả.
- Hỗ trợ cấu hình dòng lệnh.
- Có khả năng tùy biến các nút điều khiển.
- Và nhiều tính năng khác nữa...
This is a very sound and stable assembly, it is not just stupidly stuff portable software on a maximum, and correctly selected the program and plugins. All this is a shell integrated in Total Commander.
The main criterion for the assembly - a maximum of functionality for every extra megabyte.
All programs are optimized for assembly of a minimum size, lack of garbage files, and logs,
archive assembly weighs ~ 276 Mb, a Expanded View ~ 490 MB, but contains more than 140 portable programs and 60 plugins.
To install the updates in the folder with the previous version.
This assembly met under Windows Seven it is operating in full with the exception of 2 programs! Also, all repeatedly tested in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

The list of programs:
• R-Studio Network Edition - multifunctional software for data recovery
• Active Partition Recovery - partition recovery after a malfunction or formatting
• Active File Recovery - recovery from FAT12 16 32 NTFS NTFS5, partition at fault, imaging, IDE ATA SCSI.
• HDHacker - conserve and restore MBR nat. discs, BootSector log. drive or any specified sector disks
• UFS Explorer - to view the different file systems, including Linux and MacOs and restore their data
• HDDGURULLFTool - low-level formatting
• PartitionMagic - Work with sections HDD (partition, format, etc.)
• USB Disk Storage Format Tool - formatting the flash drive, including NTFS, creating bootable flash drives
• ASPMonitor - program spy, covert surveillance of computer + dispatch report! captures keystrokes, make screenshots, remembers starting and closing programs, and many others
• Socrates Personal - Anglo-Russian, Russian-English translator
• Punto Switcher - automatic keyboard + diary (a la keylogger)
• CE Book Reader - reading electronic books, Autoscroll, pronunciation, the conversion of audio
• AbiWord - Editor files documents doc, docx, rtf, odt + SpellCheck
• Archivarius 3000 - the most advanced search for PCs
• AVSearch - search for words in files, including doc, xls and archives
• EVEREST Ultimate Edition - all on your computer
• AVZ - combat SpyWare, AdWare, Dialer, BackDoor, worms, TrojanSpy, TrojanDownloader, TrojanDropper!
• DrWeb - Antivirus + program with auto-off. site, the installation file SpIDer in the folder with the program.
• UltraISO - understands the 35 formats of images, read / write / mount, Ripping, create AudioCD, boot disks, format conversion of images, alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor
• Ashampoo Burning Studio 2009 - Record all kinds of disk + create labels
• KM Player mod - play all video formats (including bik-files) without installing additional codecs, viewing video on the desktop, alt + F3 to view the file, cause under the cursor
• Media Player Classic Homecinema - video player, can be controlled through a Web-interface to play streaming video, rip out the sound of the video, is the number of embedded codecs
• DVDGhost - removes all types of protection DVD: CSS, RPC Region code, RCE, APS, UOPS etc.
• DVD Shrink - compression and cutting DVD-film
• ConvertXtoDVD - convert any video format to format DVD-video, recording to disk
• foobar2000 - the best in convenience and sound quality of audio player
• AIMP - Russian high-quality audio player + sound recording from any source
• Cdex - Ripping, encoding from CD to mp3, wav, ogg. Converting music files. Recording with a microphone and c Line-in
• Audacity - cutting and editing of music files (mp3, wav, ogg), write to the file that appears at the moment (only XP), etc.
• Foxit Reader - reading pdf-files, alt + F3 to view the file, cause under the cursor
• WinDjView - viewing djvu-files, alt + F3 to view the file, cause under the cursor
• xnview - show / converter / scanning 400 image formats, resizing, batch processing, photo slideshows, remove red eye, create web galleries
• Artweaver - image editor
• FineReader - Optical Character Recognition
• Screenshot Reader - random screenshots + recognize text anywhere on the screen, etc.
• 7-zip - excellent in terms of compression archiver
• UPXshell - compression of *. exe, *. dll, *. ax, *. ocx, *. com, etc. without damaging the functionality of files (scroll to the object)
• WinUpack - compression of *. exe, *. dll, *. ax, *. ocx, *. com, etc. without damaging the functionality of files (scroll to the object)
• Restorator - extracting resources from the dll, exe, ocx
• Universal Extractor - extract packed files (support for a vast number of packers) (scroll to the object)
• Console - more funutsionalnaya replacement cmd
• Cdslow - managing speed reading CD / DVD-drives
• USB Disk Eject - Safely Remove USB Disk
• NtfsLinks - create hard or symbolic links on NTFS-partitions (HELP in the program folder)
• WinRAR - the most functional archive (including the ability to change the locked archives)
• DOSBox - cross-platform emulator ageless operating system
• TeraCopy - Copy the file to resume, and reading c any scratches CD DVD (scroll to the object)
• Unlocker - renaming, deleting, moving files and folders, the process employed, or have the incorrect name (scroll to the object)
• PageDfrg - Defragment registry and swap file on boot
• Ultimate Defrag - a magnificent defragmentator. For those who do not work Vopt
• Pserv - a multipurpose tool to manage processes, services, starting the driver, uninstall applications. Windows Event Log
• Process Monitor - monitor file access to the registry, you can filter on a specific прогу
• ProcessExplorer - running processes and services, system information, you can customize the columns, and built to replace Windows Task Manager, end the conversation
• Autoruns - all that autostart system
• XP-AntiSpy - disable default loopholes in XP/2003/Vista
• XP Tweaker - Configuring XP
• Neo Utilities - the most powerful tviker Windows98/NT/2000/2003/XP + cleaning of debris, etc. (do not clean the registry!)
• Tviki registry - a detailed description of a utility + system restore Windows
• Revo Uninstaller - a functional replacement of "Add or Remove Programs"
• jv16 PowerTools 2009 - Registry cleaning, registry compression, and much more
• Scleaner - removal of logs, temporary files, etc.
• RegShot - create registry snapshots and compare them with each other
• ERUNT - registry backup, you can automatically every time you boot
• RegWorks - multifunctional replacement regedit. The editor, monitor registry and directory of registry keys
• DriverCleanerPro - the complete removal of the drivers
• Driver Sweeper - the complete removal of the drivers
• DirectShow Filter Manager - deleting, adding codecs
• SRVINST-install / uninstall the service or driver
• AutoReg32 - registration packet *. DLL *. OCX
• TrashReg - removal from the registry key programs Trial
• MyDrivers - save the driver to reinstall Windows and install them again
• KeyRemapper - redirection or disable the keypad buttons, instruction in the program folder
• Radmin - remote control for controlling the computer on it should be run r_server.exe (there is a folder with the program)
• Putty - Telnet and SSH client. Help in your program
• Instruments - port scanner, ping, trace, telnet, Whois, FTP, and select POP3, RSS, and IRC client, monitor TCP / IP and NetBios resources timer
• LanScope - multi scaner Share NetBios FTP HTTP
• NetView - alternative network environment, scanner, terminal, monitor connections, network scanner, ip monitor, resource scanner, net send, tracert
• KillWatcher - management and statistics to enhance the resources
• SMAC - to change the MAC address of the NIC
• LanCalculator - the calculation of addresses in the subnet and network mask
• NetVoice - instant messaging and voice communication networks, the conference
• Coyote - sending sms via internet
• TheBee - email client pop3 smtp imap, can read and delete messages from the server without downloading, embedding, conversion.
• QIP - the best ICQ client + QiPSpeller - program to check spelling
• Neutron - sync time atomic clock
• Internet Maniac - obtaining the registration of ownership of domain names and IP-addresses and much more
• All-Radio - viewing over the Internet TV + Radio
• CrackDown - download кряков and serial numbers
• Download Master - download manager
• uTorrent - a comfortable rocking chair with a torrent
• OperaAC - multifunction changed one of the best browsers
• AntiDupl - find similar pictures
• LanSpy - program is designed to gather information on the remote host
• NetSetMan - program manager network settings, which can easily switch between 5 different profiles
• TrueCrypt - that creates an encrypted container (looks like an ordinary file mp3, avi, etc.), which can then be connected to a disk and store the information
• NetWorx - The program allows to monitor all your network connections
• HFS - create a file on your computer http server. The data, which will be available from the Internet (access, you can set the password)
• TcpView - shows all processes, using local and internet connection
• TeamViewer - gain access to the management of remote PC from anywhere on the Internet to bypass the NAT firewall redirector and a proxy (on the second computer should also be the program) + presentation, file transfer, chat
• USDownloader - easy download manager with a popular file servers (iFolder, RapidShare, MegaUpload, DepositFiles and more)
• UVScreenCamera - recording a video file, that appears on the display, creation of training films, demonstrations, interactive training programs
• Browzar - tiny browser, leaving no traces on the host computer on the Internet
• GPass - hide IP-address, bypassing content filtering + Firewall
7 • Windows Firewall Control - protects applications from undesirable network activity, controls applications internet access (only works with Vista and Seven)
• Skype - voice communication between computers via the Internet (VoIP)
• WinSCP - graphical client protocols SFTP and SCP
• Louderit - more functional replacement of the standard volume
• TCPMP - tiny player (837 Kb !!!), uses its own codecs. Plays broken files, has a very fast rewind (open the file under the cursor)
• Microsoft Virtual Pc 2007 - creation of a virtual machine. Allows you to run on the same computer multiple operating systems
• Notepad + + - text editor
• SPREAD32 - "small" Excel
• WinHex - HEX-editor
• Ulead Gif Animator - animation gif-editor
• IcoFX - Icon Editor
• Foxit PDF Editor - PDF Editor
• SCDWriter - recording discs
• MyUninstaller - Add / Remove Programs

... and much more ...

The list of unique programs:
These programs are modified by me personally
• DrWeb 5 - one of the best anti-virus programs. What is unique?
1) Integrated Program to update the database from the official site to bypass check-key (update happens in the background every hour or on demand)
2) Build fully portable, all the paths relative to both the scanner and monitoring the program and to update the database (ie the folder «DrWeb» can be placed anywhere)
3) All you need to install SpIDer Guard (monitored in real time) is to run the file «!!! Instal.bat», while all the way to the base and a scanner is already registered and are relative. Rebooting the system is not required.
4) From a functional anti-virus removed all but the file scanner. From anti-virus signature database deleted by malicious software (HackTools, RiskyWare)
5) The operability of Windows Seven RC1
• KMPlayer - a well-known multi-player, which I have added the opportunity to play bik-files (Bink and Smacker Game Video File Codec) in this format to encode video games. Also very much to reduce the size (total 16Mb)
• And others

Little FAQ:
• A huge number of files (text, multimedia, graphics, etc.) begin to F3, F4, alt + F3
• Many programs are in the drop-down menu «Run»

Before installation is strongly recommended to remove the settings of your antivirus search of potentially dangerous tools (HackTools, RiskyWare etc.). These utilities are blocked by antivirus to begin (or krivoruky) the user does not harm himself. But we have something with you such
This assembly is not a positive and malicious files, but many anti swears to various hacker tools, data tools included in the list of antivirus databases mainly «request» third parties.

Homepage (http://anonymz.com/?http://www.ghisler.com/)

Download (Hotfile) (http://hotfile.com/dl/9188901/dece05e/Total_Commander_www.softarchive.net.part1.rar)
Download (Hotfile) (http://hotfile.com/dl/9188912/5df7d9c/Total_Commander_www.softarchive.net.part2.rar)
Download (Hotfile) (http://hotfile.com/dl/9188936/e5714fc/Total_Commander_www.softarchive.net.part3.rar)

Mirror (RapidShare) (http://rapidshare.com/files/260152536/Total_Commander_www.softarchive.net.part1.rar)
Mirror (RapidShare) (http://rapidshare.com/files/260151415/Total_Commander_www.softarchive.net.part2.rar)
Mirror (RapidShare) (http://rapidshare.com/files/260151082/Total_Commander_www.softarchive.net.part3.rar)

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