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AvosVins v7.0 Multilingual

[ 2009-08-08 05:48:47 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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AvosVins v7.0 Multilingual | 6.00 MB

AvosVins wine software for Windows is an indispensable tool for consulting and managing the content of your cellar. AvosVins wine software offers clear presentation and maximum ease of use. The utmost professional care was taken to develop a wine software capable of satisfying the requirements of demanding wine connoisseurs while also being useful to users who are only interested in keeping track of their wines (AvosVins wine software has no mandatory fields). Excellent reminder of tasted wines for the amateur who doesn't own a cellar. AvosVins wine cellar software is simple and fun to use, and lets you enter your information quickly using pre-defined functions.

The wine cellar software AvosVins lets you search your cellar in a variety of ways, using simple to a more advanced search. You can also check the availability of a product via Internet. AvosVins wine software lets you visualize your cellar, complete tasting notes and specify the optimal drinking time of each wine. Never again will you drink an immature wine or one that's past its prime.

AvosVins Wine software is the best tool to keep track of your wine collection. AvosVins wine cellar software offers clear presentation and maximum ease of use.

Remove a wine the easiest way
* Directly on the cellar consultation window, right click the wine to remove from the cellar and choose the menu item 'Remove', there is no need to open the wine card.

Tasting notes customization
* You can now use your own terms in almost all the fields for nose, observations, tasting. This way Avosvins can adapt itself to your way of doing things.

What's new on the wine card
* See the aging of a wine in a blink of an eye, a small bottle shape indicator is now present directly on the wine card : the color and orientation will indicate if a wine is young, ready, at its peak or old. (Image)
* Replace the price on the card with the average amount paid for that particular wine.
* Two small tabs let you see the images related to the selected wine.

Creating wine card : Faster
* Create many wine cards without closing the new wine window.
* New countries was added to the new wine window (Australia and Germany).

Quick Open (product list at the left of your screen)
* You can now show all your wines (not from a single country).
* A new tab let's you create wine cards directly from the quick open window making the creation of new wine cards a lot faster

New pre-defined reports
* You can now obtain the list of products young, ready, at its peak, old and the list of products that you should drink soon.

The find window offers many functionnalities
* The search result can be sorted with a simple click of the headers. Now, you can perform sort on many columns at the same time just by holding down the 'ctrl' key.
* In the preferences window, you can tell AvosVins to open the search window by default at application startup.
* Resize the column width by holding down the left mouse button.
* Move the columns around. Just hold down the left mouse button and move the header to another position.
* You can print any search result, in whole or partial (use the 'shift' or 'ctrl' to select many products).

Homepage (http://anonymz.com/?www.avosvins.ca)

Download Link:
Download from Uploading (http://uploading.com/files/4EAAAE4B/ohlexus.softarchive.net_AvosVins.v7.0.Multilingual .rar.html)
Download from Hotfile (http://hotfile.com/dl/2309546/631e114/ohlexus.softarchive.net_AvosVins.v7.0.Multilingual .rar.html)
Download from Rapidshare (http://rapidshare.com/files/231677481/ohlexus.softarchive.net_AvosVins.v7.0.Multilingual .rar.html)

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