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Longhorn Reloaded Build 4074 CD 32-BIT

[ 2009-08-08 05:48:47 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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Longhorn Reloaded Build 4074 CD 32-BIT | 780 MB

Longhorn Reloaded is a Project dedicated to the revival of the Operating System known as Code Name "Longhorn". To put the projects aims simply, we aim to finish off what Microsoft started before the operating system was canceled. It is a modification of Windows 6.0.4074, which was originally released during the 2004 Windows Hardware Engineers Conference.

Longhorn Reloaded Installation:
Prior word of warning: The software you are planning to install is alpha software. Due to this there are no assurances on its stability or on the safety of existing software or documents on the computer. We take no resposibility for any damage that may occur either directly or indirectly from following this guide. To lessen the loss that may occur due to a technical error we highly recommend that you backup all your documents to an external device before you begin.

*NOTE: Download Contains the Longhorn Build + Longhorn Key.....
Longhorn 4074 ISO or Longhorn Reloaded ISO
7.5GB of IDE disk space or above
800MHz Processor or above
ATi Radeon 9250 or Higher Graphics Card or nVidia Equivelant
512MB or more of RAM

Step 1 - Disk Preparation:
As you are likely to want to keep your existing operating system when installing Longhorn Reloaded, we must create a new partition of 7.5GB or above. If you already have an unused partition then move onto step 2.

Step 2 - ISO Preparation:
Either Burn your ISO to a disk using a CD Authiring software or mount the disk using alcohol 120%. When the disk has been burnt or mounted browse the disk and open Setup.exe and select 'Install'.
A new window should open.

Step 3 - Configuration:
Here you can select where you want to install Longhorn Reloaded and you can select your computername

Step 4 - Installing:
In this step the Setup does all itselve. Sooner or later you have to enter your Product Key. Just use the Longhorn 4074 one.
Later we will make an unatended instalation.

Step 5 - Post Installation Configuration
Here you can configre all things.

Step 6 -Runonceexe:
Setup will install all our updates and fixes.

Step 7 - Last Reboot:
Now just reboot and you are done! Then your system is successfully installed.

Driver Installation:

How to Install xxx Driver for All Builds:
As a general guideline, you can try running the driver setup under Compatibility Mode (e.g. Windows XP) -or- try using the INF file directly.

How to Install ATI Display Driver for All Builds:
NOTE: This example is based on the Radeon 9700 Pro card, but the steps would be similar for other cards. ATI

1. Download the latest OFFICIAL (non-beta) Catalyst drivers from .
2. Unpack the package, but DON'T install it.
3. Go to Device Manager -or- Hardware and Devices.
4. Right click on Radeon 9700 Pro.
5. Select Update Driver.
6. Choose to "Install from a list or specific location".
7. Check "Search for the driver in these locations".
8. Click "Include this location in the search:", and use Browse to select the path where the driver was previously unpacked.
9. Press next and it should update files.
10. Don't restart and do the same for 9700 Pro secondary.
11. Restart.
12. Install Control Panel normally from the unpacked folder.

How to Install nVidia Display Driver for All Builds:
1. Download the display driver for Windows XP from nVidia.
2. Extract the contents of the setup file with WinRAR.
3. From the desktopm, right click Properties, select the Settings tab, then click the Advanced button.
4. Now click the Adaptor tab, then click the Properties button.
5. Click the Driver tab, then click the Update Driver button.
6. Select the driver nv4_disp from the folder where you extracted the driver files to. Everything WILL install.
7. Restart your computer, then everything should be fine.

Installation on SATA Drives:
We have mannaged to install Longhorn Reloaded on SATA Hard Disk Drives

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