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Windows XP SP3 Sibir Turbo v1.3+Driver Packs+WPI

[ 2009-08-08 01:38:50 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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WinApp | Windows Sibir XP SP3 Turbo v1.3+Driver Packs+WPI | 703 MB

Year: 2009
Version: 1.3
Developer: SibirSoft by Warxammer
Platform: x86 (32-bit)

Minimum System Requirements
Recommended computer processor equipped with Intel Pentium / Celeron, AMD K6/Athlon/Duron or compatible with a frequency of 300 MHz or more (one-or two-CPU) *. The minimum frequency processor - 233 MHz.
We recommend 128 MB of RAM or more. The minimum allowable - 64 MB (if you have 64 MB of RAM possible decrease in performance and functionality).
1.5 GB free hard disk space.
Monitor and Super VGA video adapter with 800 X 600 or higher.
CD-or DVD-ROM drive

Recommended System Requirements
Recommended computer processor equipped with Intel Pentium / Celeron, AMD / Athlon / Duron or compatible with a frequency of 2 GHz
Better Dual-Core processor
We recommend 512 MB of RAM or more.
10 GB of free hard disk space.
Monitor and Super VGA video adapter with a resolution of 1280 X 1024.
CD-or DVD-ROM drive
Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

Enter the serial number is not required!
This assembly is built on the original image of Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 Russian version, with all the updates for July 2009!
To burn the image quality on the disc, with a minimum speed.
The disc is designed to "clean" install from a bootable CD.

Dual-boot options:
Installing Microsoft Windows XP SP3 in the automatic mode
In this mode, will be present to be able to select the partition for installation, automatic installation of more ...
Installing Microsoft Windows XP SP3 in the manual mode in this mode will have to enter the serial number of the total in this mode will have to enter it.

Integrated software:
Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5260 - contains all updates as of March 2009: KB928788, KB929399, KB929773, KB932390, KB933547, KB935551, KB935552, KB935957, KB939209, KB939683, KB941569, KB944882, KB952069, KB954067, KB954154, KB959772
UpdatePack-XPSP3-Rus - all critical updates as of June 2009
Internet Explorer 7 v7.0.5730.13 - Author assembly did not integrate the Internet Explorer 8 because it said a lot of glitches in chasnosti put the driver on the modem dsl-200 is not possible, WPI-why not start to ease the author pursues not for beta version poses a stable proven software.
DirectX 9.0c Redistributable (March 2009)
Adobe Flash Player ActiveX and Plugin v10.0.22.87
Addon Vista Drive Icon v2.7.6.398-Indicates degree zaprolneniya discs, simulating the type of Vista.
Cursors Vista
UxTheme - Patcheny file for use unsigned themes
Notepad2 - Notepad replacement
Set logo-logo CPU
Sound Vista - sound themes of Vista
SPTD - need to Daemon Tools and Alcohol to install
HashTab 1.1.14 for X86 Screenshot - Adds Checksums tab in the properties file
Carried out multiple tviki registry to improve the performance of the Axis
Replaced standard Walpapers magnificent scenery
Replaced Standard Avatars
Snake Codec Pack v.11 - a small collection of codecs:
- DivX ® Decoder Filter -
- AC-3 ACM Codec -
- Ac3filter - 1.11
- CyberLink Line21 Decoder Filter -
- CyberLink Video / SP Filter -
- CyberLink DVD Navigation Filter -
- MPEG-2 Dempltiplexer -
- CoreAVC DirectShow Video Decoder -
- CoreVorbis -
- Voxware MetaSound Audio Decoder -
- Xvid 1.1.3
Integrated defragmentator from 8.0.2000 TuneUp Utilities 2009 (the default is removed)
Integrated the game:
Diamond fighters - a kind of game Tanchiki
Integrated dll required to run certain programs
Driver Packs - with the ability to install drivers from a Wind.
Integrated set of drivers for SCSI, SATA, RAID controllers

Doponitelnye Control Panel applets Windows:
BootSafe 2.0.1000 - Selecting the next boot (normal, safe ...)
ClearType PowerToy - a tool for visual display settings ClearType fonts
DirectX - More information about the settings, Direct X
DriverView 1.16 - displays a list of all device drivers currently loaded on the system
HD Tune 2.55 - Monitoring of the hard drive, allowing time to identify problems
HWmonitor 1.13 - monitoring system, temperature and voltage
MemTest 3.8 - Verification of RAM
MSconfig - standartntoy launch the System Configuration Utility
ProduKey 1.35 - to view the key components of Windows installed
pserv 2.7 - Services and Devices 2.7 - alternative interface to view and manage devices, services and systems
S & M 1.9.1 + - one of the best programs to test equipment
TFT Monitor Test 1.52 - tested LCD monitors
TransBar 1.4.2 - task transparency of the taskbar
TweakUI - TweakUI utility from the package MS Power Toys
Video Memory stress Test 1.7 - a detailed check of all available video memory for failures
WinUpdatesList 1.23 - View installed updates from Microsoft
xp-AntiSpy 3.97-2 - disable all unnecessary components WindowsXP
AntiAutorun 2.0 - Remove Autorun.inf files from infected carriers
User Accounts Win2k - an applet that is available in the WinXP command control userpasswords2

Program (with a choice in the process):
utorrent 1.8.3 compact BitTorrent-client with support for simultaneous loading of multiple files, custom bandwidth, rapid restoration of interrupted downloads, and low use of memory.

Internet Download Manager 5.08 is very fast "smart" boot file: depending on the quality of the channel determines the method of loading a file (how many streams it off), the number of segments, which share a file, changing the quality of the channel is dynamically changed. Another feature - the "smart" protection error when downloading and integration with all the most popular browsers - Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Avant Browser, etc.
In the program there is an automatic check on the correctness of the audio and video files, virus checking downloaded files and much more, including the option to resume due to the communication, the scheduling of tasks and the opportunity to view the ZIP-file before they download.

Mozilla Firefox 3.0.11 fast browser, with the rapidity of the visible, not only during the loading of Web pages, but also when searching for bookmarks and history. Made it through the engine, and Mozilla allows you to view all web pages in one window mnogovkladochnom, but also has many other useful options, including the ability to greatly expand the ability of connecting the plug-ins.

WinSnap 3.8 tool that allows you to easily make screen shots and edit the image. The program is able to capture screenshots of non-standard windows (nepryamougolnoy form) with the chosen background, lay the shadow automatically correct some deficiencies in the schedule, save the results in various formats, process rounded edges of windows. Perhaps the use of special effects: insertion of "signature" (ie, the watermark in the form of image file), outline, shadow, rotation, scaling, color correction. Has a setup function automatically save files.

VirtualDub 1.9.0 Rus program for capturing and processing video. There is a built-Motion-JPEG, MPEG-1 decoder, allowed the conversion of MPEG-1 24-bit AVI and much more. Supported work with large files (over 2 Gb).

Paint.NET 3.31 (Normal removed), a simple but powerful and handy graphics editor. Positioned as a perfect replacement of the standard MS Paint from the supply of Windows. Supported formats: BMP, IPEG, PNG, TIF, GIF, TGA, and its own format for PDN. Main features: work with layers, use of effects, work with scanner and camera, red-eye correction, scaling from 1% to 3200%. Perhaps the expansion of the plug-in. For Paint.NET requires NET Framework - do not forget to put it.

CrystalPlayer 1.98 an alternative video player with expanded capabilities and user-friendly interface. Supports external subtitles, has a wide naborvideo filter to move the audio track, cut reads the avi-files. Crystal sells video and audio buffering, has several modes of combating disadvantage in the low-speed computers.

CCleaner 2.21 utility to clean your system from a variety of "trash": cookies, history, visiting sites, temporary files (including the "production" web browsers and programs eMule, Google Toolbar, Office, Kazaa, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, Real Player and some others), and ActiveX-elements. In addition, CCleaner supports cleaning of the registry of the records of unused extensions, libraries, has already removed the programs, etc.

Unlocker 1.87 Utility to delete files and folders, which usually means you can not remove, because instead of disposal system issued a message that the file can not be deleted because it is being used by another application.
After installing Unlocker, the problem is solved in a couple of clicks - Just click the right mouse button on the stubborn file or folder, so select the menu item "Unlocker"

SBRunScr - program for management desktop wallpaper

Office2003 sp-3 for all the well-known Microsoft Office Service Pack SP-3

WinDjView 0.5 program to view files DjVu. It supports smooth scrolling and advanced printing options.
7-Zip 4.60 Free archiver with high compression ratio. Supports ZIP, 7z, RAR, CAB, ARJ, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, CPIO, DEB and RPM files. 7z format according to the developers is the compression level to 10-50% higher than that of WinZip.

Console2 Successful replacement of the command prompt, Windows.

WinRAR 3.71 Provides free management of files in the archives, the restoration of damaged archives, to understand other people's formats (zip, arj). There Platform: DOS, Windows, OS / 2, Linux, BeOS, BSD Unix, Sun Sparc, SCO Unix, HP-UX.

Net Framework 3.5 distribution package Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 (x86) installs Wednesday. NET Framework and its associated files required to run applications developed to work in the run. NET Framework 3.5

WinHex 15.3 Universal HEX-editor. As editor of the disc allows you to work with hard disks, floppy disks, CD-ROM, DVD, ZIP, Smart Media, Compact Flash memory cards and other carriers, with the support FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, CDFS. In addition, WinHex provides access to virtual memory (этакий RAM-editor) and allows many other operations, including, for example, cloning disks, or safe disposal of confidential information - without the possibility of subsequent recovery.

- Replaced some icons
- The Welcome screen and exit the system
- Setup menu

Media Center Style
VistaCG (default)
Player WMP11

Driver (with a choice of 39 minute installation):
DriverPack Graphics ATI
DriverPack Graphics VIA
DriverPack Graphics INTEL
DriverPack Graphics NVIDIA

DriverPack Sound VIA
DriverPack SoundMax
DriverPack Sound Misc
DriverPack Sound Realtek
DriverPack Sound Creative

DriverPack CPU
DriverPack LAN
DriverPack Chipset
DriverPack MassStorage

Removed from the system:
Mother with Paint-ROM can deliver more advanced Paint Net
Word Pad-ROM can be made with Office 2003 Service Pack SP-3
Absolutely unnecessary files in the distribution SP3, left there by an oversight staff Microsoft
The files support various exotic languages
Folders Docs
Files to update your Windows 9x versions
Drivers for older scanners
Drivers for older modems are rare, leaving only the popular
Drivers of vintage multiport card type XirCom / RocketPort
Windows Messenger
MSN Explorer
Support for peer-to-peer networks Microsoft (normal p2p network are not affected)
Unnecessary fonts (fonts for most Indian languages, which do not contain Latin and кирилицу)
Examples of sounds
Getting Started with Windows
Tutorial for Windows Media Player
Training in the use of mouse
All games
Internet Games
Some elements of information, lack of which is unlikely to even notice who

Unlike the previous assembly Sibir
A registry is optimized to increase speed of work
Zamemeny some icons
The speed of the Windows kernel in the first assemblies have been experimentally
Now the assembly on the right can be called as Turbo it works very quickly
The speed of opening pages, the browser
Now the default page in Internet Explorer (torrents.vtomske.ru)
Improved stability
Diminished system requirements
Added the ability to install software from
Remove Games inserted their
Diamond fighters - a kind of game Tanchiki
Integrated set of drivers for SCSI, SATA, RAID controllers





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