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Code chia sẻ Videos And Pictures

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Videos And Pictures Filer WebSite PHP Script
(Filing / Storage / Upload)

(Login with "admin" as both user and Pass)

12bmemory.tk  http://www.zeescript.com/salespages/photovideo/box.jpg

Start A Video & Picture Site

Use it for Your Own Video & Picture Blog

Now Anyone can Start an Entertainment Portal!

Attract Traffic to Your Site!


Dear Friend,

Everyone loves a laugh. What better way to share your videos and pictures than with this new amazing software? Videos and Pictures helps you to build your own website and host videos and pictures you and your friends can upload and share together. In addition, make money from the thousands of potential visitors thanks to optional membership fees or from advertising.
With this software you can engage people to share video and pictures, comment and rate them. This is one of the best ways to attract visitors to your website. You do not have to provide the content, your web visitors do all the work!

Start Making An Unlimited Income By Sharing Pictures and Videos!

With Videos and Pictures Software People Can:

Upload and share videos and pictures worldwide. Browse videos and pictures uploaded by community members.

Integrate videos and pictures on websites using video embedded code.

Users can upload and broadcast their videos, pictures and share them with family, friends and other site visitors.

Build a highly motivated community and let them upload and share videos and pictures. Let visitors give comments, rate content and invite friends.

Front Page Screenshot:

12bmemory.tk  http://www.zeescript.com/salespages/photovideo/shot.jpg

Admin Panel Screenshot:

12bmemory.tk  http://www.zeescript.com/salespages/photovideo/adminshot.jpg

Video Playing Screen Shot:

12bmemory.tk  http://www.zeescript.com/salespages/photovideo/tn_playrshot.jpg

Here Are Some Features and Benefits:

1. Automated members registration process

Members can upload both videos and pictures from members area

Upload directly from browser

Publishes the most common viewable video and picture formats

Send instant video link to your friends by using the Invite a Friend feature

Get video and picture embedded code and add them on blogs and other sites

Automated thumbnail creation

Password protected admin control panel

Admin can see members profiles

Admin can block, approve and delete videos

Admin can add unlimited categories

Admin can contact all members via email

Admin can edit the site from admin area


Video and picture hosting sites are so popular, they are one of the top websites visited anywhere on the web. More people visit video and photo sharing websites than most any other website out there. videos and pictures sell themselves. Make money from one of the best niche websites out there. Use this software to make your website today!

Following Video and Picture Formats Can Be Uploaded:





















and more!

Once You Install This Software You Can Start Making Money!

As your customers are uploading and sharing pictures, you can make money with the incredible advertising codes embedded into every page. You can include Google Adsense ads to your entire site with one click of a button. The program itself is so easy to install, it only takes a few minutes. Just follow the easy step-by-step instructions and you are all set up.

System Requirements:
Linux or Unix Server
PHP 4.x.x or higher
MySQL 4.x.x or higher
GD Library
FFMPEG (may be required for conversions of other files to .flv)


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