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[English Study] - Cambridge English For Schools Starter Student's Book + Audio

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Author: Andrew Littlejohn, Diana Hicks
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
File size: book - 28 Mb, audio - 184 Mb
File type: pdf + mp3

Product Description :

Cambridge English for Schools offers: - an approach centred around the whole educational context of learning English at school - links across the school curriculum to other subject areas throughout the course - content and concepts related to learners' ages and levels of ability - an organisation which takes into account the realities of teaching English at school: mixed abilities, mixed motivation, time available, and class size - material which has been developed and successfully piloted in collaboration with teachers and classes in many parts of the world. The course consists of a Starter level for learners with little or no previous English and then levels 1-4.

Book Description :

Cambridge English for Schools offers an exciting new approach to English for students from eleven to sixteen years old.

This course for young students is a success story all over the world, winning praise for its innovative approach that really does work. Levels 1-4 contain around 80 hours of class work depending on the various options used. The Starter Level provides around 40-60 hours of class work.

Key Features :

* Enjoyable activities encourage all students to take part, whatever their level.
* A wide variety of topics provides cross-curricular interest.
* The clear structure and active approach get students using new grammar quickly.
* The popular 'Parcel of English' scheme puts classes from different countries in touch with each other.
* The clear and comprehensive Teacher's Book with its 'A-Z of Methodology', and provides plenty of support, while the Tests help measure progress.
* Videos, available for all levels of the course, are a fun and flexible class resource.
* Audio is available in both British English and American Voices.
Product Details

Paperback: 132 pages
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Tch edition (February 28, 1997)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0521567939
ISBN-13: 978-0521567930


http://rapidshare.com/files/220353546/nw_vt_cambridge_uds.part4.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=6184c8c0eb6d52808c9e7c56ba37815fc9de701a 3d31472eP
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