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[English Study] - Tổng hợp tài liệu SAT

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Product Description
Students preparing to take the SAT I exams that are being given in November and December 2004, as well as in January 2005, will find in-depth preparation in this, Barron’s 21st Edition of the SAT I manual. Students who plan to wait and take the all-new SAT in March 2005 or later should order Barron’s How to Prepare for the NEW SAT (22nd Edition), which will become available on this web site in November 04. Reflecting the SAT I exams, as they’re being given now through January 05, this current 21st Edition presents a diagnostic test and seven full-length SAT I tests, all with answer keys, explanations, and solutions. Descriptions of the test’s various question types will help students understand and master all SAT I special question formats, including the Student-Produced Response (Grid-in) questions in math. Seventeen math review sections cover all math topics that appear on the test, each section followed by SAT-type questions. Verbal skills review material includes vocabulary-building exercises, reading comprehension exercises, and vocabulary flashcards on perforated card stock, which can be removed from the book.

From the Inside Flap
(back cover)
# A detailed overview of the SAT
# Study advice and test-taking tips
# A diagnostic test and five full-length practice tests that reflect the latest SATs in length, question types, and degree of difficulty
# Comprehensive reviews of all test topics
# A 3500-word vocabulary list for extra practice --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

http://rapidshare.com/files/199488120/vnfriends.vn_Barron_s_How_to_prepare_for_the_SAT_I _djvu.rar


More and more colleges are using SAT II performance to admit applicants. This easy-to-use self-study guide gives you the practice material, test strategies, and study planning you need to earn the physics scores you deserve. You will also learn what to expect on the test and how to make the most of your study time. Features: 4 full-length practice tests with explanatory answers; a complete diagnostic test with explanatory answers; review of key concepts in physics - waves, electricity, magnetism, and more; 3 study plans: 9 week, 18 week, and a panic plan for last-minute cramming.


MC - GRAW HILL SAT (2009) (book)

"McGraw-Hill''s SAT" is a total SAT preparation course, carefully grounded in the best educational principles and practices. Created by two renowned test-prep teachers, it provides a diagnostic approach that helps you optimize your SAT prep, a proven method for developing the reasoning skills needed for top scores. Fully revised and updated, this guide delivers a wealth of innovative learning materials, including masterfully crafted lessons, concept reviews, drills, and practice tests modeled on the latest SAT format..


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