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Killing Floor Steam - ReVOLVeR

[ 2009-08-27 04:49:04 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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12bmemory.tk  http://i697.photobucket.com/albums/vv339/haitsh1388/wm_killing-floor-20090320110707120_.jpg
Do you love zombies? Of course you do and to help you show your love for these undead cretins is ReVOLVeR with the game Killing Floor. Description:It’s a co-op survival horror game. Up to 6 players in online co-op mode, or just you, on your own, playing the Solo mode. The aim – cleanse each area of zombies, in waves, until you get to the last one. The Big One. The Patriarch. Then exterminate him, too. Actually, they aren’t “zombies”. They are the left-over “specimens” from a cheap and dirty government program to clone soldier-monsters. The basic ones will just munch on your arm and try to disembowel you. The bigger ones were the first ones they tried arming. Nothing much. Just a chainsaw or a blade for starters. They had just got on to the chain gun and rockets when the government tried to secretly shut down their secret program.
Co-op game mode for up to six players
Solo game mode for offline play
Watch those crucial and violent creature deaths in slomo “ZEDtime”, even in multiplayer
9 different monster types trying to eat your face off, armed with everything from teeth and claws, through to chainsaws, chainguns and rocket-launchers
12+ weapons for the players to chose from, ranging from knives and fire-axes up to pump shotguns, rifles and a flamethrower
Add in a welder, medical tools and body armor to help the players survive
Persistent Perks system, allowing players to convert their in-game achievements into permanent improvements to their character’s skills and abilities
Players choose which Perks to play with, so they can best balance out a co-op team to survive the horrors
Open, non-linear play areas: choose when and where to fight — or run. Weld doors closed to try and direct the monster horde
Full support for Steamworks features, including Steam Achievements and Friends
Fully-configurable, allowing players to change things as simple as the difficulty level or number of creature waves, or go so far as to set up their own favorite waves of monsters
Includes SDK for the creation of new levels and mods
12bmemory.tk  http://zs.imges.org/uploads/090516/tifoyGn5xcc4JX8wH9BLfHefxoU/wm_killing-floor-20090428054711315_640w.jpg
Size: 912MB
Release Name: Killing.Floor.Steam-ReVOLVeR
Filename: killingfloor
12bmemory.tk  http://vinashare.net/forum/images/download.png

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