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Montage v1.5.3 - Vẽ và chỉnh sửa ảnh

[ 2009-08-08 08:44:42 | Tác giả: bvl91 ]
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Montage v1.5.3
Mac App | 36mb | Rs,Hf

The _only_ screenwriting software exclusively developed for Mac OS X. Melding the theory that a simple user interface, combined with powerful and intuitive features, provide the best writing experience, Montage makes it easy to create, edit, and manage screenplays on your Macintosh. From the ability to import and export Final Draft documents, to using custom, pre-formatted templates for film, TV, and theater, Montage guides both the first time screenwriter or the seasoned veteran, from start to finish.

Once your masterpiece is complete, Montage allows you to submit, track, and send your query, synopsis, and scripts to hundreds of included industry contacts through Montage's integration with Apple's Address Book. A Montage-only feature throughout the industry.


Cocoa-built, Universal, and Accessible
Montage has been designed and developed solely for Mac OS X. As a long-time Apple developer (18 years), our commitment to Apple technology is reflected in our feature set. Montage is Intel-ready and fully supports accessibility features for users with vision disabilities. Developing in Cocoa also lets us take advantage of Apple OS X functionality, such as Address Book integration, Spotlight and Services support, and other OS X-specific core features.

Have Final Draft, will travel
Let's face it, Final Draft screenwriting software has been the industry leader for many years. For some users, a transition to a new screenwriting tool would be both challenging and intimidating.

We've made it easy for you.
Montage includes a built-in Final Draft importer which allows you to drag and drop your Final Draft documents right on Montage and have them open in the Montage format.

What could be simpler than that?
What's that? You say you have a writing partner who needs to work in Final Draft (for some bizarre reason!)...we can help there too. Have the ease of creating your work in Montage's intuitive and elegant interface AND the convenience of saving your Montage script as a Final Draft file format (.fdr). Another Montage-exclusive feature!

Simple is king
So you have a great idea for a movie, now what? It's a stumbling block every newbie faces. Screenwriting software needs to be intuitive and easy. With Montage, it's as simple as point and click. Industry-standard, pre-formatted templates lay out the road map on "how" to write, you just need to supply the imagination.

• Leopard support.
• Import and Export Final Draft documents, text, or RTF.
• .sex file format support.
• Scene Numbering.
• .mac integration.
• Includes templates for Film, TV, BBC, Theater, and more.
• Create your script as a live outline.
• Montage Smart Views allow writers to visually filter the script to the desired content, based on criteria.
• Submit your query, synopsis, and scripts to hundreds of included industry contacts.
• Write, distraction-free, in Full-Screen mode.
• Print any entry to a printer or PDF file.
• Mac OS X Toolbar functions are available as items in the customizable toolbar in the main window.
• Spellcheck on the fly.
• Montage backs up any and all activity within the product.
• Native Cocoa, Universal, and Accessible.
• Complimentary support to help solve questions or issues.
• And much more...


More Info:
Homepage (http://anonymz.com/?http://www.marinersoftware.com/sitepage.php?page=104)

Download Links :

Hotfile (http://hotfile.com/dl/2940396/ef6f5a9/Montage.v1.5.3.softarchive.net.rar.html)


Rapidshare (http://anonymz.com/?http://rapidshare.com/files/234098706/Montage.v1.5.3..softarchive.net.rar)

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