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[English Study] - An Introduction to French Pronunciation

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# Paperback: 192 pages
# Publisher: WileyBlackwell; Revised 2nd Edition edition (28 April 2005)
# Language English
# ISBN-10: 1405132558
# ISBN-13: 978-1405132558

Praise for Glanville Price′s An Introduction to French Pronunciation, revised edition (Blackwell, 2005)...

“Glanville Price’s books on the grammar and history of the French language have been recognized as authoritative resources by generations of graduate students. The revised edition of his Introduction to French

Praise for Glanville Price′s A Comprehensive French Grammar (Blackwell, 2003)...

“Remarkably comprehensive … an essential grammar but good for a browse too. Conventional grammar and very much more is covered in meticulous detail.” Times Education Supplement

“As a pedagogic grammar, it is remarkably reliable and complete, with two key elements: a good index and excellent cross–referencing. He pitches the explanations at a level which is useful from first to final–year undergraduate linguists.” Journal of French Language Studies

Product Description
An Introduction to French Pronunciation is a comprehensive and accessible guide to current French pronunciation.
# enables students to not only to hear the language, but to know what to listen for
# includes chapters on the general principles of French phonetics and regional variations in the pronunciation of French
# includes discussion of vowels, semi–consonants, consonants, rhythmic groups, the syllable, liaison and intonation
# written by a leading figure in the field, the author of A Comprehensive French Grammar (Blackwell, 2003)
Pronunciation exhibits qualities that have contributed to the popularity of the work, especially comprehensibility and conciseness.” The Modern Language Journal


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